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  • I have stopped watching and listening to the news.

    I am cautious and intelligent. I am doing my part to be safe and protected for myself and those around me. If you are also, you no longer need the Covid daily updates. Now, the news has become nothing more than a drug dispenser for people trying to get their fix of the fear cure. […]

  • Be Relentless and distinguishing knowledge from foolishness.

    https://www.mediamatters.org/tucker-carlson/tucker-carlson-says-calling-out-white-nationalism-racist-attack-white-people-and The word “intelligent” in the broadest sense is most often applied as a categorical error. To say that human beings are intelligent in the same way that scholars or astrophysicist are “more” intelligent, is not a rating of degree but is actually a categorical error, a sort of ideological consolidating propaganda. To say that […]

  • Read: The Philosophical Hack

    Oh Kaay! I finally took a minute and got some things in order. THE OBJECT OF THE SUBJECT : The Second Part of the Philosophical Hack  is available in EPUB HERE.                   and in paperback HERE. THE PHILOSOPHICAL HACK: The First Part is available HERE in paper back. “The Philosophical […]