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  • the known unknown: For reasons unknown

    Too often, our white supremacist society intentionally obscures historic facts that explain present inequities. For Reasons Unknown

  • Comment on “We’re all just different!” How Intersectionality is Being Colonized by White People

    Working in student affairs on a university campus, I feel like I hear the words “intersectionality” or “intersectional” said out loud at least 20 … “We’re all just different!” How Intersectionality is Being Colonized by White People —- Aaaand my comment: The nature of society as an imagined symbolic fantasy is to commandeer and distort…

  • Repost: Same Wolf, Different Clothes. White Evangelicals and Critical Race… | by Matthew Teutsch | Arc Digital

    White evangelicals have made Critical Race Theory their greatest enemy. This harms the church, writes Silas Lapham. — Read on arcdigital.media/same-wolf-different-clothes-560ad3165a86

  • Zizek on Racism: And, the reason for orientation.

    youtu.be/472lCEy4dBw Zizek suggests the interface of struggle is between identity and universality. This is interesting to me in as much as I propose a new basis of what is universal. I always get from Zizek a sort of global version of racism which could be a little off from the formulation which has arisen in…

  • White Man, white men, and whiteness

    White Man vs white men https://maylynno.wordpress.com/2020/11/12/white-man-vs-white-men/ — Read on maylynno.wordpress.com/2020/11/12/white-man-vs-white-men/ —- yes. And “whiteness” is the an ideological construct which functions off the sign of white skin, and is embedded in the politics of global identity. Hence, white people, historically immune from race, can work to deconstruct the systemization of whiteness by racializing their bodies…

  • Some Assumptions of Whiteness in the US

  • All Lives Matter, and why that doesn’t really matter right now.

    apple.news/A1IYIGPXiQJWux4tSHO2eNA The ethical retort to Black Lives Matter, ie All Lives Matter, expresses an attitude that should be. It is an idealism. The issue is not that all lives do not matter. The issue is that when we look at what occurs through all social and economic sectors, black people, and people of color in…

  • White Fragility: A Short Explanation

    apple.news/APQ8FQ3JPR860-MOguzaQPw …a very short intro on Jimmy Fallon. Realizing is not the same as conceptualizing. It’s the difference between an event and a reason. Understanding is, indeed, a bridge under which one stands.

  • Hello, I am Racist. Systemic racism.

    apple.news/AgTXAT-yDQK6qJIc1chgAEg The ‘individual’ is an ideological construct which excuses the bias of those who hold the greater seat of power. In this case, it is the white woman. The Idea that Being White is more valuable is implemented as a system of privilege. Racism should not define the woman in the vid entirely, but it…

  • Ah, the Arrogance of Whiteness: Lacan

    www.vice.com/en_us/article/4w75en/jacques-lacan-was-sort-of-a-dick-323 Love this! I like Chomsky’s “charlatan” name calling. It makes perfect sense to me, viewing Chomsky and his apparent approach scholarship. Interesting also that in my previous posts I have been pondering why certain ideas of Lacan should have anything to do with actual reality. To me Lacan’s ideas have a great sense about…