The Power of Insanity

Did you read yourHuff post this morning?

Bill GAtes is worrieda kut his money if ElizabethWarren gets her tax way.

Waaaaaaaaa! The billionaires are feeling scared. They wet their pants a little. Poor billionaires. There,there baby billionaire. It’ll be ok. Let me change your diapers for you. Mmmmm…yess…it ok king baby. Let me wipe your ass for you. It be ok baby billionaire.

Oh no! The baby-God might throw a tantrum! They might call their mommies to collect all their toys! We Better supplicate to the king-baby-God!


All I got to say is: What kind of insanity are we allowing to claim ethical legitimacy when we listen to Gate’s and the other billionaires’ argument from neoteny.

I think We need to reassess what reason is, and what insanity is.