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  • Malignant Narcissism w/Psychotic Symptoms


  • Basically, We have an honest but ignorant president, maybe.

    www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2020/6/1/21276918/obama-statement-protests-george-floyd-president-trump Pretty much everyone that I encounter over the years who either voted for President Trump or likes President Trump, the main theme that I hear over and over again is that he’s honest and he speaks his mind. I think the next thing that I heard, not so much now but a couple years…

  • Exhibit of Mental Health Compromised by Covid-19 Measures

    apple.news/AheduBnEkSHaCcGnkhSGQ9w This references the video posted on the Huffington article. And the protests in general. Trump supporters Protest the stay at home orders. It seems to me the only sensible way to view these protests is through the lens of mental health. I do not think it is reasonable to say that these people are…

  • Another Blow From Trump White Power Administration

    apple.news/Afo15N4NdRpWej7UfqpX4aw Trump administration set the United States back 150 years. Makes me nauseated.


    New study puts forth incontrovertible evidence that Trump is a pathological liar due to his low intelligence . At least; there should be a study. 🌈💩

  • The Unfortunate Truth


  • Prisoner Trump

    How rad would that be? I use the term “idiot” to describe Trump, not because I think he can’t do math, but Becuase he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. As well, that he figures that is an ethical way for everyone to be. I say let’s come out of the monopoly driven capitalistic anachronism,…

  • Zizek’s Activist Irony.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-hillary-clinton-populist-right-left-democratic-party-civil-war-a8975121.html%3famp Cedric Nathaniel wrote in his book “the philosophical hack” that is Zizek rides the line of contradiction, which is to say, he follows the road not taken that is determined by contradiction as opposed to that path which opens up possibility by rejection of contradiction. And here is the perfect case in point so…

  • New Study Shows Why Trump Won.

    apple.news/Am8ovsI6RS5CHXOBRCIw0OQ Studies show that Trump won because most Americans on both sides of the aisle are racist pigs who should be shot at dawn. News as 7.

  • Fear of Losing Power.

    Trump voters motivated by fear of losing status, study finds. We just might find one day that the only power that can be lost is that power which is invested of fear of losing power. ☺️✨ Somehow, I doubt it though. People love their fear.