Mourning and Acceptance in the Transition to Pre-history: Fourteen Recommendations on Living Beyond Collapse-Denial

Fourteen Recommendations on Living Beyond Collapse-Denial

Fourteen Recommendations on Living Beyond Collapse-Denial
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But of course, we should understand the potential to overdetermine what is involved in this event.

The inability to point to a specific evental horizon is itself the collapse; that is to say, the assumption involved in the effort which understands itself as indeed speaking of a specific and real occurrence is the void which marks the parameters of the collapse itself.

Further; where the horizon is maintained in the “despair-hope” polemic, one cannot but overdetermine the meaning and thus miss the significance of the event: It will be argued toward the future, and then it will be argued as to the past, but never will it be able to be specified as to what exactly we are talking about.