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  • The Irony of Blogging with a Sense of Substance

    The irony is that blogging, by its very nature, is a motion of modern subjective materialism. People who are interested in true substance are not often reading blogs. In true Zizekian form, The blogosphere is a place where imaginary transcendence is verified to an absolute epistemological horizon. The question is: might we speak of this […]

  • Fear itself is is based in transcendence

    Feelings are about the body. They are immanent. Emotions are about reactivity. They direct or tend. Thoughts are about transcendence. While fear can be understood as an emotion, it is also able to be understood as something which affects an otherwise functional (efficient) system. Fear is that which creates dysfunction through making its agency appear […]

  • Direct Tangent 6.5: What I Think Is A Pretty Good Indication of My Position.

    If I am saying so myself: this title is pretty fkg great; hilarious. Anyways…. My reply to a comment by Mr. Adkins came out pretty good, so I’m posting it (with some editing): Mr. Adkins: – “”There is no contradiction where there is radical duality”. Also, the excerpt above is interesting, the one about there […]