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  • The (w)Hole of Modernity

    https://www.academia.edu/36264960/Introduction_Exploring_Re_Embodiments?email_work_card=view-paper A tension arises between the human being and the world that is. Always, the formulation as an intensional act, is of overmining and undermining. Thinking too much of things toward a great overarching explanation, or thinking too little, into the minutiae of pieces and more pieces, as those might explain. In particular to the […]

  • Toward a Unified Philosophy of Counseling: Object Orientation

    In case you missed it. https://epublications.regis.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1027&context=cftsr Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review Volume 3 Issue 1 Article 4 An Essay Concerning the Possibility of a Unifified Theory of Counseling Lance Kair Regis University, Department of Counseling, Division of Counseling and Family Therapy, Rueckert- Hartman College of Health Professions, lkair@regis.edu Follow this and additional works at: […]

  • To the things themselves

    I am finally diving into Levi Bryant’s “Democracy of Objects”, and I gotta say, I do not know why I hadn’t looked At this sooner. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/the-democracy-of-objects/ – This is not a big post; I was only reminded of my position: It is due to the current correlational episteme — not in spite of — that […]

  • Why the Coronavirus does not ‘Want’ to Change Our Lives

    On Covid-19 and the Actor-Network Theory. How the Coronavirus ‘Wants’ to Change Our Lives ———- “of course the virus doesnt want anything…” The tack I now take is towards people not being miserable; I am not really anymore trying to explain some grand sense of the universe into which everyone must fit. But of course those […]

  • Fear itself is countered by kindness.

    In this moment, our greatest foe is — yup — fear itself. If you are able, tune into what is happening in your body. Your body is not separate from your mind but actually forms a ground from which thought finds support. If your body is nervous and shaken or tense, then your actions which […]

  • A Phenomenological Critique of Object Oriented Ontology

    HERE is a recent published journal paper critique of OOO. I think of the most salient issues that forms the divide between these issues, these ideas, is: Is though sufficient in-itself to achieve the object of argumentation? The answer, I feel, forms the pure reason which makes to divide substantial. I enjoyed where this author […]

  • Current Deontology

    When we do not suppose that morality is created by thoughtful humans, as opposed to existing in-itself, then it becomes possible to read Kant’s categorical imperative (or his basis of deontology) as meaning that which can occur in no other way than it does. This reading seems to deny the traditional reading which sees deontology […]

  • What is thought?

    Any ideas? – a list of words that appear to coalesce around a topic that is unknown except for the coalescence ? – an operation or activity of human beings which has an apparent part and an invisible part? – the activity of consciousness ? – an ability to commune and make sense with things […]

  • Esoteric

    The project we can generally call the Enlightenment was about including humanity is one common category. It’s economic and political arms involve incorporating difference and investing in unknowns we can call excess. The failure of this project is actually the culmination of its effort, its fruition. Where ever difference may appear, it’s manner of viewing […]

  • Thought is not Thinking: A critique of philosophy.

    Much like “the history of consciousness” is not about an essential attribute of the functioning brain, like, we might associate consciousness with psyche, but is rather about the analysis of an appearance of what it is to be human in the world, so “thought” Is likewise not about what might be occurring in the gray […]