Read “The Moment of Decisive Significance” on Scribd. for Free.

IN anticipation of my new book โ€œThe Philosophical Hackโ€, I am posting my pervious book on Scribd to read for free. This book is what I call an object oriented journey through the Gospels. (I am a terrible marketer. ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿš€) The Moment of Decisive Significance: A Heresy I am gearing up for my Big promotional… Continue reading Read “The Moment of Decisive Significance” on Scribd. for Free.


Omega Readers…

I just Put out a paperback version of "The moment of decisive significance: A heresy" For the purpose of allowing people who would want to read it but don't want to buy it for 40 bucks. This paperback version I put on super discount so it'll be like $10 to your door. I will also… Continue reading Omega Readers…


For Under the Holiday Tree..

Two ground breaking philosophical books would be an excellent present for your curious minded philosopher ! The descriptions of the books online are not very good, so here are some better descriptions: "Non-philosophy and Philosophy" is a short essay that speaks to the simplicity of the philosophical underpinnings of a few big-names in Western philosophy.… Continue reading For Under the Holiday Tree..


The Moment of Decisive Significance.

Do we really understand human nature? Can we generalize humanity into a common nature? What is modern philosophy? What is religion? Is it all 'relative'? "...Through a truly unique telling of the Gospels... Lance Kair confronts philosophical assumptions that have accompanied philosophical and religious approaches alike through the ages." -Cedric Nathaniel. - "No longer are… Continue reading The Moment of Decisive Significance.

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“The Philosophical Revolution”

From "Christo-Fiction", by Francois Laruelle:  On the next page he then goes on to say  "one might perhaps speak of a subject ... as one would speak of it not in terms of consciousness but rather in terms of a lived of a man, understood philosophically and religiously since it is the material or the… Continue reading “The Philosophical Revolution”