Counseling, Philosophy and object orientation: The ends and beginnings of the new.

Collapse of Complex Societies

Collapse of Complex Societies
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My comment:

Interesting that in the beginning of my counseling work right now and pondering how to approach clients and their various manifestations of suffering, my thoughts have also gone to civilizations how they rise and fall.

It sounds like this guy entertains Somewhat similar aspects, Or at least like much of what I’ve been pondering is implicit in his ideas. I’m buying his book (but there is a free pdf download of it! Search.)

Here is my rough formulation that’s been rolling around with my marbles:

One. Human consciousness, or human beings, is an organism just like every other organism but is also an object just like any other universal object.

Two. Hence they behave not dissimilarly to any other organism or object with reference to their universality.

Three. Human consciousness as such “forgets”. The nature of knowledge for any particular moment is ultimately based in a configuration of forgetting which thus encompasses the moment within the past and future as ideological constructs.

Four. There is no agency but that which arises within the Ideological construct. Causes and effects are ultimately contained within the particular construct, to then justify it within the idea of being able to escape the usual human cycles of civilization.

five. The ultimate paradox of the progressing humanity is located upon its conceptual relationship to technology. In the end, the only way that the human beings will transcend this paradox is to fully realize and establish itself within the limitation which arises outside of the ideological correlation.

Six. This never happens. Yet — if it does happen, then it happens on a level which is not common to any humanity but nevertheless participates to define humanity outside of its common understanding. This is to say that it defines its own limits outside of that which is understood as ideological.

Seven. The individual is not dissimilar in its organization, process, or structure to civilization. The therapeutic process might thus be seen in the context of simple and complex, but also singularity and multiplicity. Various psychological and or emotional problems or issues may arrive or present themselves in a similar context (s).

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