The first part of the philosophical hack

The concluding unscientific post script to event.

The First Part concerns the defining of a space that is regularly understood as having no boundaries.

The Second Part, out soon, concerns the conditions for something existing outside of the political world, thus, opening knowledge (hacking into the space discovered in the first part) to the truth of the object in-itself.

Open to your consideration and coming to mind near you.

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This is the First Part of a Six part series by Cedric Nathaniel.

Using Slavoj Zizek’s book “EVENT” as a platform, this essay is a hack into conventional philosophical reality.

It is indeed a hack: A repeated application of an algorithmic protocal upon a closed system. What is this closed system? Through the compromises developed through the Hack the closed system is defined while simultanously creating an opening to that situation many currently see as unescapable, which is to say, immenently and infinitely contained.  As part of this endeavor, the beginnings of a science of philosophy is thus put forth.

Mr. Nathaniel feels that philosophy which concerns the world should be able to be accessed by it. He thus opted to give readers bite-sized pieces to be able to enjoy and digest well.

What is The Truth?


Quite soon The First Part of The Philosophical Hack: The Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Event will be published.

The truth of the situation is that the notion of our “post-truth”, or the incredulity involved with not knowing how to discern what is true, is itself true.

So, what does that mean?  It means that the theoreticians which would back-step to say any thing assertive about post-truth are caught themselves in a synthetical theoretical suspension of reality which is not truly encountering the facts of the matter.

Who said that?

Truth?  Facts? No one is allowed to say these things and be speaking of the present critical-philosophical situation. At least, say it an expect to be taken seriously.


Using the platform of Slavoj Zizek’s “EVENT!”, the essay “The Philosophical Hack” is a hack into philosophical reality. An attempt at legitimacy.

It will be offered in, I believe at this point, 5 parts.

The author Cedric Nathaniel feels it is better for digestion to take small bites and be able to chew and enjoy thoroughly, but also to have the time to eat the whole meal.

We hope you will want to be part of the feast.

140 pages. pocketbook format. estimated price: $7

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