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  • Crazy.

    youtu.be/sCK6ATUN_ic You don’t even know you need it.

  • The covert philosophy is now sound

    Up from the ashes that had been scattered to the winds, the band that had a different name each show, giving its songs to the bands we now know so well -what once was covert is now sound. For you sound philosophers, coming on: http://covertsoundphilosophy.com/ The shit has hit. Falling Covers and Other Drops –…

  • The Shit is Hitting the Fan: The Covert Sound Philosophy just dropped

    Falling Covers and Other Drops https://g.co/kgs/SemDH8 X

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/give-me-the-night Coming to mind near you. #keepitrealcsp.

  • The Irony of Blogging with a Sense of Substance

    The irony is that blogging, by its very nature, is a motion of modern subjective materialism. People who are interested in true substance are not often reading blogs. In true Zizekian form, The blogosphere is a place where imaginary transcendence is verified to an absolute epistemological horizon. The question is: might we speak of this…

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy: having already come to an idea of you.

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/holy-cow New album coming…2022 Stay in tuned. — Only through darkness we come unto light. 👽 There is only the Two. Open and Closed. The covert sound philosophy includes all possibility of knowledge. That which closed in knowledge (real modern-postmodernity ) is reckoned only through what is open (truth).

  • Wondering

    C.S.P.: Wandering Wondering The Covert Sound Philosophy Philosophy is so much more than we thought.

  • Reposting of C.S.P. is Doing it again… Interview with Lance Cares

    C.S.P. is Doing it again… Interview with Lance C. https://lancek4.com/2017/12/07/c-s-p-is-doing-it-again-interview-with-lance-k/ — Read on lancek4.com/2017/12/07/c-s-p-is-doing-it-again-interview-with-lance-k/ —– Again and again. This is really good! Check it out. Philosophy in such vastness, it expends itself to leave itself as something that it is not. By the way the original post I think was slightly wrong: you’ll be able…

  • Towing the Line

    The Covert Sound Philosophy. ( Testing out the Reverb Nation embed code. )

  • Inconceivably true.

    People simply will not understand. Even then… Imagine a group of musicians, a band, who did everything possible to not be famous and be rich. They changed their name every show so they would not make a name for themselves. They made no records. They were well known in the music community and even wrote…