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  • Rp and Comment on if Can consciousness be simulated?

    David Chalmers in his book: Reality+: Virtual Worlds and the Problems of Philosophy, eventually gets around to addressing the 800-pound gorilla in … Can consciousness be simulated? —- The Two Routes version of the problem: Reality can only be encountered and negotiated. If reality arises beyond that scope, it merely verifies the truth of the initial statement […]

  • Repost: Armageddon and The Altar of Techne and

    In this episode of Literary Tales, we continue our examination of science fiction filmography and pivot into the 1990s with the paradigm shift of … Armageddon and The Altar of Techne —– Pretty cool analysis. I’m gonna make my comment to Paul right here instead of in the comments of the actual post. There are […]

  • Post-trauma: Humans as blackboxes, machines as transparent

    Humans as blackboxes, machines as transparent Humans as blackboxes, machines as transparent — Read on markcarrigan.net/2019/11/11/humans-as-blackboxes-machines-as-transparent/ Interesting problematic. What might this say about us, that we might look to machines and thier analysis of behavioral data to tell us what’s going inside a human being? I tend to agree with the impetus of the excerpt; that […]

  • Embodiment and reality.

    Body Theology? https://thenotsosolidearth.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/body-theology/ — Read on thenotsosolidearth.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/body-theology/ By the way, “the not so solid earth” guy I totally love his posts so my comments are an addition to his essays, rather than a condemnation. I am not sure I like the term “theology”. Let’s just be honest: there is no theology without religion. Theology seems […]

  • The postmodern condition: Google is Manipulating You – Putting You in Their “Filter Bubble.

    Google is Manipulating You – Putting You in Their “Filter Bubble” http://josephratliff.com/google-filter-bubble/ — Read on josephratliff.com/google-filter-bubble/ This blog, this video and the producer of the video, The fact of them now, bring up many issues, and more than whether or not Google search engine is biased and whether or not we’re being manipulated. Let me […]

  • Algorithms and institutional isomorphism: A Call for a more Philosophically Comprehensive Theory Of Counseling.

    Algorithms and institutional isomorphism Algorithms and institutional isomorphism — Read on markcarrigan.net/2019/03/10/algorithms-and-institutional-isomorphism/ This is quite interesting. It resonates with ideas I have been throwing about. For example, the way that I use the term religion in my work seems consistent with the way that internet platforms are homogenizing corporate identities, as this summary (the link) might […]

  • The logic of Two Routes in Application. A Discourse in Freedom.

    . The very interesting thing about this 5G (if not all of modern technology) Is that it means nothing less than volunteered enslavement. It is no mere coincidence that lately the nature of free-will is being commandeered by neurobiology: It is not that we are not or cannot be free, rather, it is that if […]

  • Mistaken Identity: Something Other Than Human: A Reification of What it Denies?

    Here is a REPOST in which there is a link the the post which has the comment quoted below that I address. Whew! The author of the link in the repost seems to have issue with the idea of some Post-human proposals that we need get beyond the ‘human’. The question: Why does everything have to […]

  • Larval Subjects, the Impetus for Communication and the Common Thought of the Past.

    Prof Bryant has an interesting post today.  And it inspired me to comment, below: As I taught Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics today, I emphasized the manner in which so many of the virtues he lists are social in nature. Although we intuitively value many of the virtues Aristotle lists, I don’t think it would occur to […]