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  • Team, Agency, Idealism and Philosophy

    “When one speaks about a thing, she does so vicariously.” —- Cedric Nathaniel. Team Work I think I’m just naturally rebellious. I’m not at heart a joiner. I can, though, be a team player. In fact, I love where I work primarily because we have such a great team. However, I feel that a team […]

  • An Example of Argument which is Erected Upon a False Choice.

    Self-Care Puts Us on an Amusement Treadmill Self-Care Puts Us on an Amusement Treadmill — Read on benjaminstudebaker.com/2019/01/07/self-care-puts-us-on-an-amusement-treadmill/ Benjamin Studebaker, the author of the blog of this re-post, doesn’t allow for comments on his blog. so I am regarding his argument here. (I love his blog, btw.) Basically, my rebuttal is a rebuttal against his whole […]