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  • The Gift

    on the non-fixity of world identity. It is not a definitive world by which reality is understood as a singular and fixed truththat is significant. The various opinions, attitudes and mentalities based in subjective meaning upon the stable ground of reality are not the issue.  Rather, it is the relationship that we have with…

  • Philosophers Discussing their Experience and Ideas around Mental Well-Being

    antilogicalism.com/2019/09/29/two-candid-discussions-of-mental-wellbeing/ (If you don’t see videos come up, then Visit the site.)

  • Rockers Dying; An Insensitive Comment of Ironic Sensibility.

    Rockers love to kill themselves. Not one to rally to towing the line, just grant me the sane human compassion for people who end up making the terminal decision and act on it. I am going to present a view that I can imagine many will think insensitive. But someone has to be able to…