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  • Paper: Counseling and The Two Routes

    An exploration into the reality of psychology from the perspective of mental health.

  • The Rational Postulate of Philosophical Ignorance

    I am currently studying a book by Christine Korsgaard called Self-Constitution. (2013). Often when I read philosophy I am reiterated the whole of my work. I come upon in one thought a sort of logical outline of a complete branch of the work. By some estimates the whole work will take about 8 lifetimes, considering […]

  • Science is not in opposition to ignorance

    Only by a certain orientation upon knowledge does oppositional categories have significant affect. I was reading a paper, part of the paper anyways, where the author talks about John Locke saying his work not involved with science. Just got me thinking. Georg Hegel, and many more philosophers for sure we’re trying to find some sort […]

  • Recycling and sound philosophy

    Something just dawned on me as I was washing the plastic cutlery that I got with my Noodles & Co food. Now, hold on Judge-mental philosophers. Yes I do live in a pretty liberal place, and, it does really bother me all of the trash that I generate. Which, actually, it’s not very much considering […]

  • Narcissist Putin Puts Nuclear Forces On High Alert Amidst Paranoid Delusion

    Ukraine’s delegation arrived on the border with Belarus for scheduled talks with Russia, as Western sanctions put pressure on the country’s economy. — Read on www.huffpost.com/entry/putin-nuclear-high-alert-tensions_n_621c53eee4b0afc668c2997b —- The explanatory power of mental health can no longer be set aside. Or, it can only be denied. When the narcissist’s world begins to be challenged, he will […]

  • Human Beings Act Too Late — Again

    xapple.news/ACn4OcaGKQymPAZFI-75NCw —- Just as a philosophical tidbit: Slavoj Zizek says that is the nature of the subject: it always acts to late. This is the symptom of modernity, not a result. Which goes to the question: What does it mean that “we” will have no viable future? We as in every last human being? Or, […]

  • Team, Agency, Idealism and Philosophy

    “When one speaks about a thing, she does so vicariously.” —- Cedric Nathaniel. Team Work I think I’m just naturally rebellious. I’m not at heart a joiner. I can, though, be a team player. In fact, I love where I work primarily because we have such a great team. However, I feel that a team […]

  • Science, Physical Health and mental health: Climate change

    apple.news/A6MVCFaN1Rcyg5onm3ir7aw One of the problems surrounding Mental health is the weighing of solutions upon the primacy of empirical science and physical health. A good example of how this is an improper manner to approach solutions is the issue of climate change. Take the example that this post exhibits. We have known for years and years […]

  • Subject and Object

    I was reading a post about blogging yesterday. It said that in order to get readers you have to talk about “Eureka“ moments. PThe blogger then goes on to describe how a eureka moment is when you realize some thing that you already knew. So basically, if you want to get readers then you should […]

  • The Issue of Modern Philosophy and Mental Health: Disease as Ontologically Basic

    xo In modern philosophy, only one argument is Being formulated over and over; it is only the terms that change. The basic and fundamental issue concerns if this is noticed or not. If it is not, then we have a multiplicity of issues which arise out of the individual’s immanent communion with transcendence. If it […]