Disenchantment and the Long Game.

"...before we get to the idea of a disenchantment [that has always accompanied humanity in its existence, ] ...we first have to address the insistence of enchantment. Enchantment, in this context, is the view that what is teleologically sound indeed reflects an actuality of human special motion. This is not to say that humans have… Continue reading Disenchantment and the Long Game.



Issac Asimov's "Foundation" is to the philosophical issue "of the two" as Gilles Delieze and Felix Guattari metaphysics is to "the multiple". The distinction is the difference not only of investment, but of orientation upon objects. Metaphysics, while definitely involved with real occurrences of political and ideological dimensions, outlining a certain real description of how… Continue reading Orientation.

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Oops (title: Here).

REPOST of THRE-POUND-BRAIN's no results for 'Cognitive Psychology of Philosophy' and reply and reply, of Baker question, then my answer... (please check out his full essay and the comments if you are intreated in the whole thing) sbakker April 13, 2017 at 9:30 am "I don’t think I get it. So the racial theories of… Continue reading Oops (title: Here).


Love and the Truth Procedure (second try)

This post is my attempt to answer the question that Agent Swarm put forth in his recent post, which I reposted just before this post.  Q: "Why is the truth procedure that includes love called “love”?, which should not go without saying. Why should “love” (the truth procedure) include psychoanalysis but not religion? Q: "Why… Continue reading Love and the Truth Procedure (second try)