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  • Repost: Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung

    x Edmund Husserl’s theory of phenomenology proposes that belief posits the reality of its object. Through this assertion, he announced something … Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung — This is put together so well, I had to repost it. Enjoy ! Ps. Intension never finds, and individuation is never found: The Master Signifier? […]

  • The Conventional Limit

    –from “Re-visioning psychology” by James Hillman. The modern idea of ownership permeates into every thing that we think. This preoccupation with one’s “owned” ideas manifests world as some thing to be or to have as owned. Hence we have the eternal problem for the modern individual which shows up in one instance as rational subjective […]

  • Psyche-logic

    —excerpt from Healing Fiction by James Hillman. c.1983 The question implicit of the object of the subject is not, like the usual phenomenologically subject-based philosophy, meaning; rather, the question is to what use is philosophy put? For what purpose is the Being of philosophy? Cedric Nathaniel puts this juxtaposition of view in terms of how […]

  • The Soul: Bifurcation and Fracturing of Being, since we got Time as well Cause for a Valid Ontological Identity: Suspended in Contradiction to Avoid Collapse.

    Something is incredibly wrong with Katrina Burtch, but I love it. Its sounds eerily like Disembodied Poetics. If we can think it, then why not?  Even if it is a higher development of Modern religious apology. Perfectly valid. It’s disturbing.  Lol. But we barely even started to find out what religion is.  Where are we going? What […]