Do you use intoxicants? 

Survey. Come on folks. 1/3 so far have said they use  intoxicants regularly. Really?  Btw: alcohol and marijuana are intoxicants.   Nicotine?  Anyone a smoker? 

 help me out a little.  Just in ‘likes’. If you use any sort of intoxicant as a regular part of your life for any reason, click ‘like’, and if you don’t and are answering this question, just click onto this post and I will get a statistic of how many people over all.  No personal details will come accords, just plain numbers, oh and what country you are in. That’s all we get.  
Of course of you want to qualify your answer. Please comment.   

The Day, I Accept.

Some killer applied philosophical shit right here.


When I retire at night, I review the day. I inventory a daily balance record and see what I could have done better. I have a specific set of questions I practice, designed to increase self-awareness. I express gratitude for what is and prepare to go to sleep. While all of this is essential to […]