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  • Zizek! Pandemic!

    www.haaretz.com/world-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-slavoj-zizek-s-brutal-dark-formula-to-save-the-world-1.8898051 ———–Every once in a while, I just gotta look over and see what Zizek has got to say. Maybe this is a good time to revisit Plato’s remembering and forgetting- but in a modern context. The forgetting is the state. The state Co-opts everything that occurs as though it is taking care of it, […]

  • What Does Zizek Got To Say

    Every once in a while I just wonder “What does Zizek have to say about this?”

  • Revealing the Substance of the Gap: Is the Tragedy of Peterson the Irony of Zizek ?

    The Tragedy of JBP https://evolutionistx.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/the-tragedy-of-jbp/ — Read on evolutionistx.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/the-tragedy-of-jbp/ “Come down, you distanced travelers, from your great intellectual heights, down to where we humans can meet, again, eye to eye.” –c.n. Wow. Makes one think. …and kinda makes one sad as well. I decided that I’m just gonna post the comment that I put on […]

  • Some Material for Psychology

    www.researchgate.net/publication/336613223_Zizek_and_Peterson_Demonstrating_the_Importance_of_Higher_Order_Dialogue_Cadell_Last_Independent_Scholar ” To connect to this point such a pathway is a form of self-responsibility that allows us to overcome internal and unconscious pathological prohibitions. In the old traditional world we had “Master Figures” (embodying the moral superego) to tell us what to do in relation to a “Cause” which transcended pleasure. Now such “Master […]

  • The Irony of Zizek.

    The irony inherent of Zizek is that within his daseinic Hegelian-Lacan presence of material world consciousness, he seems to more and more be missing the synthetic polemical operation of time/material itself. That is, the change in the way we measure change that should be accounted for within the materialistic analysis seems to be outside of […]

  • Zizek’s Activist Irony.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-hillary-clinton-populist-right-left-democratic-party-civil-war-a8975121.html%3famp Cedric Nathaniel wrote in his book “the philosophical hack” that is Zizek rides the line of contradiction, which is to say, he follows the road not taken that is determined by contradiction as opposed to that path which opens up possibility by rejection of contradiction. And here is the perfect case in point so […]

  • One More Z/P Goodie: Nature, Culture, and the Displacement of Time

    On Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson: Nature, Culture, and the Displacement of Time On Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson: Nature, Culture, and the Displacement of Time — Read on iambobbyy.com/2019/04/27/on-slavoj-zizek-and-jordan-peterson-nature-culture-and-the-displacement-of-time/ It appears that the people who really do use their thinking skills took a little longer for their comments. Here is another goodie. Bobby gets a […]

  • The Point of the Slavoj Zizek Vs Jordan Peterson debate: An Assessment

    Slavoj Zizek Vs Jordan Peterson: An Assessment https://aussiesta.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/slavoj-zizek-vs-jordan-peterson-an-assessment/ — Read on aussiesta.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/slavoj-zizek-vs-jordan-peterson-an-assessment/ Thanks Neotonos! I agree with much of his assessment.  He hits on some significant turns of the debate; Im glad, because I didn’t really want to assess a play be play. I’ll use this repost to give my final comments on the Z/P […]

  • Prime Example of the Thinking Inside the Box.

    How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson — Read on benjaminstudebaker.com/2019/04/21/how-zizek-should-have-responded-to-jordan-peterson/ Here (Studebaker. Going forward “S”)is the perfect example of why Zizek tells us in the debate (Peterson/Zizek) why he can’t see a ways out of our dilemma. It’s great that S has such a high esteem […]

  • Philosophy, Religion and Negation.

    Here I am reading the paper that Was accepted to the conference at the University of Toronto, Negativity, Pessimisms, and Sad Affects in the Study of Religion Conference. Next week, April 18-19, 2019.  Right before THE GREAT ZIZEK PETERSON DEBATE!! I just realized I said the name of the conference wrong in the video 🙂   […]