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  • Antonio Francesco Gramsci, and the evidence of Moment.

    I was reminded of Antonio Gramsci from THIS POST over at DIU blog (I have no clue what that spot is supposed to be saying. As I listened to it, I got the sneaking suspicion that it is addressing a very specifically informed group. I think he was saying something to the effect that Gramsci […]

  • Of Spirit and Repetition.

    Heidegger denounces, then, a “spiritual decadence” (geis­ tigen Verfall). Peoples are in the process of losing their last “spiritual forces” through this. This last expression returns often. The Verfall of spirit cannot allow itself to be thought other than in its relation to the destiny of being. If, in ques­ tioning, the experience of spirit […]

  • ‘Absolution’, out soon. 

    My latest book “Absolution: The Moment of Decisive Significance” will be out soon. This book offers an alternate reading of the Gospels.  It is not necessarily a spiritual  interpretation, but instead offers a meaning that requires no fantastic or supernatural recourse for its sense. It suggests that the Gospels offer insight into the nature of […]

  • The Significant Event: The Romance, Irony and the Veto.

    The Significant Event: The Romance, Irony and the Veto.

    Significance. What we can call the Romance is based upon and or around what I call the significant experience, which falls well in line with Alain Badiou’s ‘Event’, what could then be called the significant event. The irony that surrounds this feature of being human concerns a confusion of the individual, between what arises of […]