A Short Discussion on Religion.

I’m finding Google+ a much better platform to actually have discussions. Too bad they are going to shut it down next year, right when i discover it. Here is a comment in one discussion the began many exchanges ago with “What is religion?” The discussion developed to here. There are a few points, so I’m making […]

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No less true for the religion of modern philosophy.

Evola on Religion and Initiation https://elfnonationalist.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/evola-on-religion-and-initiation/ — Read on elfnonationalist.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/evola-on-religion-and-initiation/ This analysis of religion can be said to hold true when we look into Western philosophy. The issue with the “modernity” of philosophy concerns the two aspects (s)he ? talks about, namely religion and initiation. What is modern in the philosophical context, which contains a […]

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A Philosophical Religion in the works

A Quick Note on Patchwork Subjectivities A Quick Note on Patchwork Subjectivities — Read on xenogothic.com/2018/09/29/a-quick-note-on-patchwork-subjectivities/ When reason is upheld in its potential to apprehend the truth of all things, the result witnesses the philosophical movement of the 20th century: We find then that philosophy begins to replay itself under different terms. This replaying, seeing itself […]

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Religious Philosophy.

I added a page to the menu above. I don’t know if a Page prints as a Post so I am posting the page.😄 — The point of this whole thing is to find the destruction of the transcendent. My work is toward a complete explanation of religion. One that explains every cultural facet or […]

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