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  • The Issue of Health: Do Texas Anti-abortion Legislators Eat too Much Food that’s Bad for Their Brains?

    Do religion and science only collide as an ideological issue in the small, blood starved brains of people in power? Read about the startling coincidence of news… https://www.huffpost.com/entry/abortion-mifepristone-judge_n_643475d6e4b001e12d7382d3?utm_source=cordial&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hp-us-reg-morning-email_2023-04-11&utm_term=us-morning-email — Read on www.huffpost.com/entry/worst-foods-for-brain-health_l_6426e714e4b00c951751c2f2 Could poor food choices reflect human evolutionary past and tendency to stay with what one believes instead of embracing reality ? Perhaps the…

  • Hocus Pocus

    A Magical formula used in conjuring, 1630s, earlier Hocas Pocas, common name of a magician or juggler (1620s); a sham-Latin invocation used by jugglers, perhaps based on a perversion of the sacramental blessing from the Mass, Hoc est corpus meum “This is my body.” The first to make this speculation on its origin apparently was…

  • Thinking Religion Through Things, but not really.

    “In recent years, the “material turn” has gained prominence in the humanities and social sciences, and it has also stimulated a shift toward a rediscovery of materiality in the scientific study of religion\s. The material turn aims to dissolve…” — Read on www.academia.edu/17639583/Thinking_Religion_Through_Things_Reflections_on_the_Material_Turn_in_the_Scientific_Study_of_Religion_s_in_Method_and_Theory_in_the_Study_of_Religion_28_4_5_2016_365_399 —— I am on academia.edu and, as you may know, it sends…

  • More non-Christian ? Luke


  • Republicans Introduce Bill To Ban Abortion Nationwide After 15 Weeks | HuffPost Latest News

    The bill has no chance of passing in a Democratic-controlled Senate, but it does signal where the GOP might go if they take back power in November. — Read on www.huffpost.com/entry/abortion-ban-republicans_n_63208382e4b027aa405fa35c —— Why do you care if I want to not be pregnant ? Pure arrogance.

  • Science is not in opposition to ignorance

    Only by a certain orientation upon knowledge does oppositional categories have significant affect. I was reading a paper, part of the paper anyways, where the author talks about John Locke saying his work not involved with science. Just got me thinking. Georg Hegel, and many more philosophers for sure we’re trying to find some sort…

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/give-me-the-night Coming to mind near you. #keepitrealcsp.

  • Political human life.

    Hello. I feel like I made a really good point in my last post, so I wanted to make another post to emphasize it ! Human life is not something that exists outside of the political domain. Which is just to say, in so much as we have a government, and in so much as…

  • Abortion! Row: Write a better law.

    Roe v. Wade has been sent to the states, I guess. And will be up for vote in the ballots later this year, I guess. These debates over abortion, I feel, are about religious belief. The arguments that are being made about women’s health are really taking shape around the battle of religious belief, rather…

  • Oh yes! Igtheism.