Religious Philosophy.

I added a page to the menu above. I don’t know if a Page prints as a Post so I am posting the page.😄 — The point of this whole thing is to find the destruction of the transcendent. My work is toward a complete explanation of religion. One that explains every cultural facet or […]

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Comment on the Previous (Re-)Post.

Of course it is possible, now, that theory merely argues itself, having pretty much described (or inscribed) itself to show where it lacks. The ultimate irony of psychoanalytical-Philosophy (as a general term) is what occurs, what has occurred through the general rhetoric; namely, the argument has described itself into its lack, and the lack is […]

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Another argument against the existence of white privilege: The postmodern “no exit“.

There will be a few opinions expressed in this post. My main critique is that Jordan Peterson does not understand the issues that he is condemning, and so what sounds like intelligence is really just small minded opinion based upon an ignorance. Here is a post worth reposting: Originally posted on Cadell Last: Synthesis! Video: […]

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Actual Philosophical Difference.

“In the philosophical context, a difference exists where offense marks a boundary. If I move to describe a leaf, and I say it is brown, no one is offended and no one argues over the simple description of that fact of autumn. Yet, for some very particular and indeed knowable reason, if I  move to […]

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