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  • Addiction as Materialist-Empiricist Ailment

    www.nbcnews.com/id/44147493/ns/health-addictions/t/addiction-now-defined-brain-disorder-not-behavior-issue/ Addiction is a conundrum. It’s manifestation is tragedy. Now, the recognition of addiction has a primary disease of the brain I think is good, but question we need to ask is: what good is it? I wonder what kind of money making opportunities open up because of this seemingly ethical win for the treatment […]

  • The Day, I Accept.

    Some killer applied philosophical shit right here. REPOST:  When I retire at night, I review the day. I inventory a daily balance record and see what I could have done better. I have a specific set of questions I practice, designed to increase self-awareness. I express gratitude for what is and prepare to go to […]