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  • Anthony Kelidis on Joe Rogan: on getting clean


  • Attachment Styles and some comment on mental health diagnosis

    link.medium.com/U5KISSiN4vb —– Cool little brief about attachment styles. I would  change only one phrase: it is not a diagnosis. People might be diagnosed with an attachment disorder, but the explanatory trope here is about styles of interpersonal attachment. They are ways to help people understand what they are involved with, what they are doing, to […]

  • the sensible meeting of classical and quantum physics

    Discovering the source of the illusion. Everything is Maya ——- I am skeptical of reducing highly complex mathematical explanations to regular semantic explanations for reality. For one, as any good physicist will tell you, the transcription of these quantum, math-heavy formula into picturesque metaphors are exactly that: they are extremely over-simplified semantic derivations. In fact, […]

  • :: Graham Harman’s Response to a (Mild) Critic :: and comment

    I was asked to write a response to Sheldon Richmond’s (rather mild) critique of Architecture and Objects. That response has been published HERE. Response to a (Mild) Critic —— My comment: First, I don’t really need to defend Graham Harman’s OOO against the growing idea-writers that place him as a New Materialist. On one hand, […]

  • Thinking Religion Through Things, but not really.

    “In recent years, the “material turn” has gained prominence in the humanities and social sciences, and it has also stimulated a shift toward a rediscovery of materiality in the scientific study of religion\s. The material turn aims to dissolve…” — Read on www.academia.edu/17639583/Thinking_Religion_Through_Things_Reflections_on_the_Material_Turn_in_the_Scientific_Study_of_Religion_s_in_Method_and_Theory_in_the_Study_of_Religion_28_4_5_2016_365_399 —— I am on academia.edu and, as you may know, it sends […]

  • Parmenides is not required

    youtu.be/u-ljiHqoMM0 Althea. Xx

  • Organism :: About Those Huge Child Mortality Rates in Iraq Under UN Sanctions…

    Yes. You know what I’m going to write, uh? Of course it was never like it was presented, not even close. It’s beautifully explained in this Reddit … About Those Huge Child Mortality Rates in Iraq Under UN Sanctions…

  • The Veritable Counsel

    We are generally afraid of talking, let alone thinking, about truth. I think this is due to the terrible things that humans beings do under the name of truth. Truth is associated with narrow-mindedness and intellectual myopia, as well as authoritarianism and religion. Well, I seek to disrupt those automatic associations, to help with an […]

  • Is Graham Harman as New Materialist??

    from Antiquities Beyond Humanism ed E Bianchi, S. Brill, B. Holmes — Read on www.academia.edu/39168908/Hyperobjects_OOO_and_the_eruptive_classics_field_notes_of_an_accidental_tourist —–  I’m posting this essay because it might be informative to some in general. I have not read it. I read pretty much the first three sentences, and then I stopped… Is Graham Harman part of the New Materialist […]

  • Can brain anatomy and function account for psychiatric conditions? – A New Vision for Mental Health

    Can brain anatomy and function account for psychiatric conditions? – A New Vision for Mental Health — Read on www.newvisionformentalhealth.com/2022/09/26/can-brain-anatomy-and-function-account-for-psychiatric-conditions/ —-Here she is going a little deeper… So good ! 👽 x