Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s.

we have a far worse race problem than the United States

Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s.

————— Systemic racism is intentional. I wonder when the discipline of philosophy itself Will look at its Systemic intentional racism. I mean, it is the philosophers Who started using “intention“ as a justification for subjective agency.

Even as philosophers argued for the essential justice involved in being intentionally aware and active, the subject justified in itself for whatever it comes upon for whatever it’s able to think…

…We know now that the crucial component of intentionality is actually responsibility. It is not merely that a subject is ontologically justified in its ability. We are seeing more and more that this “natural ability“ is racist, tends to promote one group over the other and in fact in, our world has directed all systems based upon this notion of “natural ontology” to make exclusion as a “natural” blind spot for the intensional purpose of making one group (White) superior to every other group.

I am asking just how the notion of reason itself might be a systemic enforcer. For the identity which arises through conventional reflection upon thinking, automatically assumes that its reasoning is neutral and able to come overcome any bias of itself through reflecting upon itself. That is the definition of whiteness; that is the definition of systemic racism. As though the subject exists outside of ideological enforcement, as though indeed the subject, the human thinker, is communing with some ethical source, some pristine essential goodness, that arises outside of the ideological system.

All Lives Matter, and why that doesn’t really matter right now.

The ethical retort to Black Lives Matter, ie All Lives Matter, expresses an attitude that should be. It is an idealism. The issue is not that all lives do not matter. The issue is that when we look at what occurs through all social and economic sectors, black people, and people of color in general, are not mattering. Indeed, systemically, black lives are worth less than white lives. This is actuality.

The problem is in the color blindness which accompanies human idealism. This idealism is, In fact and actually, whiteness.

It is the deliberate act of turning ones view away from what is actually occurring toward the way things should be.

This reliance upon what should be is a way of avoiding that things are not what they should be, and relying upon the status quo as the “common senseway of getting us to where we should be. What this means most often is a return to what was.

In order for black lives to matter we have to stop repeating what was as an ethical goal.


On a more philosophical note: Hegel (but Western Philosophy in general) is the philosophy of systemic whiteness Because he asserts reason as something that every human being should have.

But, in actuality, there is no traversal across a common category. In other words: not all human beings have an ability to reason as the manner Hegel assumes of the common human being.

It is not that all humans can reason sensibly; it is that as we proceed, we do not know which ones will be able to, so we act as though everyone can and does.

Typically, modern humans project our ideas upon the world and judge it by our intension, Instead of encountering the world for what it actually is and adjusting our view accordingly.

More Evidence which Rejects that there is an Actual Universal Individual Responsibility for Action

Whiteness relies upon the concept of an essential individual which makes free ethical choices.

Systemic racism posits that (1) those in power always find individual justification after the fact, and always thus claim individual responsibility with reference to systemic justification (redundancy); (2) true responsibility arises in the interruption of such ontological redundancy.

Presently, no universally justified individual exists outside of ideological control.

This is not a human constant; rather, it is the particular situation in which we find ourselves.

What is human is still left to be discovered. This is the true teleology of the philosopher.

Is there a teleological suspension of the systemic ?

[note: what we do and think in the regular-everyday calm in our day is referenced by what we resort to when we are in distress. The separation is ideological, and not ontological .]


Truth: The real story of Rosa parks.

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Never Underestimate Intensional and Systemically Enforced Ignorance

This is ignorance. Racism, yes, but a racism that is based in a kind of religious self-justified ignorance.

Philosophically speaking, it is the result of postmodern identity politics, where each individual is justified in its own experience, and everyone’s subjective experience is absorbed into the subject as a justified entity that is communing with otherness. It is a self justifying correlation of meaning that is often difficult to root out in order to cause change. For the exact reason that everything that you would want to tell the person as to what is philosophically occurring for that person, the person absorbs into a self justification of their own primary experience.

The ignorance, while indeed coming out of an individual position of subjectivity, is likewise enforced ideologically by the mistaken postmodern apprehension of identity politics. Responsibility comes in understanding this religious problem, religious in the sense of postmodernity.  It is less something that someone comes to terms with through some sort of change of heart. For we are then only left with the identity politics where a person is changing themselves while the system of ideology remains intact as a valid point of reference. 

This is the non-philosophical ‘radical’ responsibility.

Harassed for Living While Black. Share this post.

Black student is harassed in Boulder Colorado for picking up trash in his own yard.

Jesus Christ. If the other events across the country have not been offensive enough.

The only question that runs through my mind is what the fucking hell were these police officers thinking.


And here is there equally idiotic boss trying to cover his ass and showing just how dumb he is.

this is such an obvious and blatant case of being fucking stupid while white with a police officer uniform.

Please share this with everyone you know and get those fucking morons off of the Boulder police force

There is no bigger story here, there is no question about how it can be interpreted. The plain and simple fact is that police police officers are not the only people whose thinking works in exactly the same way.

We need to educate people to their racist ways of seeing and we need to get low functioning individuals out of positions of power.

Fucking hell I would clap their ears if they stood in front of me right now. Shitheads is the perfect word for those officers.

The New York Times release.

Presumptuous Whiteness for all to see. Disguising Acts Of Self-righteous Retribution.

More than a few readers have asked me to change me view in the Convington situation. that I should ‘apologize’. I have not, and I will not.

In truth, the kids’ fault is ignorance, Racism and indignance toward difference is what they have Been taught.

Here we now see how that self-righteousness takes hold. Most everyone (the media, the schools) who indeed had it right about what occurred has backed down Becuase they do not full understand what occurred or why. Thus insecurity, brought about from the insistence of implicit power, now brings out the retaliation of privilege.

We should not allow it, and I hope the kid does find justice: in being made to face his ignorance and the truth of what happened.

There is no proof to be proven, Becuase the burden of proof is always upon what is not of Whiteness, and since such a criteria is itself established in Whiteness– I just hope the Post pulls out the big guns.