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Philosophy and Racism.

The other day, I commented on a post over at Larval Subjects. Someone replied to my last comment: Racism is socially constructed. Just like gender. They are just signifiers without a signified. Now how do you think you can explain and convince someone who doesn't even know this kind of thinking exists? This is a… Continue reading Philosophy and Racism.


Colorado State University investigating after Native American men pulled off tour

Two Native American men who were touring Colorado State University were pulled off the organized visit by campus police when a parent called to report that she was nervous about their presence, school officials said Wednesday. — Read on Utter ridiculousness. Systemic racism at its most obvious.


Problematizing Whiteness; Correlation and the Two Routes.

In my very early and preliminary reflections on whiteness and being white it seems obvious to me that two issues are present in the philosophical reckoning. 1) The theoretical postmodern maxim of discursive reality. And 2) The fact that no human Being is actually white. At best, even an albino is not truly white. If… Continue reading Problematizing Whiteness; Correlation and the Two Routes.