Quantum Computing and its relevance to Philosophy. via A few videos on quantum computing and the physics of time I want to come back to later — Mark Carrigan In order to move forward philosophically, we must get out of our philosophical head that everything must reduce to 0 or 1, nothing or common reality. I begin with that statement because… Continue reading Quantum Computing and its relevance to Philosophy.

Alain Badiou, Bruno Latour, critical theory, Francois Laruelle, non-philosophy, philosophy

Philosophy, Colonialism and Partition.

Perhaps the title should have included "non-philosophy". lol This talk concerns the opening whereby philosophy is indicated to its method through the ending that supersedes its domain. Specifically, and in the context of Francois Laruelle's "Christo-fiction", that which supersedes any conventional appropriation is the quantum. In particular, there is no philosophical posture that is able to bring… Continue reading Philosophy, Colonialism and Partition.