We Love Drugs. And other extraneous solutions.

Everything you know about depression is wrong from The Guardian. Seems to me the simple problem is that no one cares to look to themselves for the answer. We are taught to look to what is outside for the answer to our problem. Perhaps when it comes to personal happiness and contentment, this method does… Continue reading We Love Drugs. And other extraneous solutions.

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Issues and Existence.

I subscribe to a blog called "Bigstoryguide" where he author is involved with a running commentary as he goes through the Bible. Yes, the whole Bible. His blog he calls 'Jesus's death to life project'. I think he just got to the New Testament. I am not a Christian; I am not religious nor prescribe… Continue reading Issues and Existence.

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Direct Tangent 5.31: Radical, Immanence and Faith.

I hope you have a good appetite. We are at a table in a restaurant. Laruelle is my dinner partner in the seat next to me. He is having non-philosophy as his main dish; ironically, I have have opted for the buffet. There are others at our table but they have not been introduced. Many… Continue reading Direct Tangent 5.31: Radical, Immanence and Faith.