Historical Apologetics: Against Non-Philosophical Humanism

Against Non-Philosophical Humanism

Against Non-Philosophical Humanism
— Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/10/29/against-non-philosophical-humanism/

Though I would have something to say about his conclusion or estimation at the end, the first 87% of the essay is excellent description of non-philosophy and some of it it’s philosophical problems.

The perspective of this essay is still based from modern-post-modern centrality, which is to say, within historical structures.


We have entered the period of pre-history.

It started at exactly 1:48 pm Mountain Time, oct 3, 2018.

This is due to the philosophical area of modernity in which we have found ourselves.

It cannot be any longer a “post-” anything Becuase this Kind of designation refers to nothing substantial when we understand the break that has occurred in the western philosophical tradition. Deleuze hit it on the head but subsequent philosophies understand no break, such that ‘discourse’ and ‘being’ become conflated in a new real self-referring paradigm of relativity.

If we don’t understand, then everything becomes post this and post that. This is to say that everyone’s existence in the world depends upon their relationship with their identity. And where this identity gains substance through their relationship with the world, which, as we know through 20th century philosophy, Is utterly relative to other identities, which is to say, having no true substance,but only real relative substance.

The involvement with this kind of philosophy is a mode of futility because there is no arguing against its self for filling manifestation of substance through definition. But we also know that this is not true, it is only theoretically true, and this is further to say that where one cannot reason beyond this type of theoretical manifestation, there by do we have the case for an intrinsic mythology: a religion, a cosmology that cannot be separated out from the logic that forms it.

And we already know how mythology functions to establish worlds.

So we can’t really say in truth that we are dealing with any kind of substantial history that we are rreference to going forward.

So everything that is said in full awareness of this philosophical situation must be concerning a pre-history: A history of the future.