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  • The Veritable Counsel

    We are generally afraid of talking, let alone thinking, about truth. I think this is due to the terrible things that humans beings do under the name of truth. Truth is associated with narrow-mindedness and intellectual myopia, as well as authoritarianism and religion. Well, I seek to disrupt those automatic associations, to help with an […]

  • Reality is Not All That We Make It Up To Be

    Thursday night’s first hearing will feature firsthand witnesses to the violence at the U.S. Capitol as well as video clips of testimony from top Trump aides. — Read on www.huffpost.com/entry/jan-6-committee-first-hearing-capitol-riot_n_62a10863e4b06169ca862faf —— We get to make our own realities. This is the basis through which all current political worlds can be found to be reducible to […]

  • Is the Modern Religion making a name for itself? Metamodernism

    I’ve been hearing that metamodernism is the next stage in the march of history toward progress. Metamodernism will synthesise modernism and … Can Metamodernism Sublate Modernism and Postmodernism? —– Thanks Philosophics! Great post. The title of my Repost is a little tongue in cheek, but not really if you have been following my blog. I […]

  • Colonialism, Evangelism and The Intellectual Left

    Some Problems with The Intellectual Left https://jonathanhockey.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/some-problems-with-the-intellectual-left/ — Read on jonathanhockey.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/some-problems-with-the-intellectual-left/ I think this post actually describes the situation at hand. He calls it the “political left”, but it really has to do with liberal philosophical intellectualism in general. When we look at topics like colonialism, capitalism, religion, evangelism, and philosophical topics such as Heidegger’s […]

  • Thought is not Thinking: A critique of philosophy.

    Much like “the history of consciousness” is not about an essential attribute of the functioning brain, like, we might associate consciousness with psyche, but is rather about the analysis of an appearance of what it is to be human in the world, so “thought” Is likewise not about what might be occurring in the gray […]

  • Self-reflection Can Be a Bitch: X-phi – or, alienation as wanting to not Reflect. (In Despair to Not to be Oneself)

    X-phi – or, alienation is not correlation https://enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/x-phi-or-alienation-is-not-correlation/ — Read on enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/x-phi-or-alienation-is-not-correlation/ Thanks. finally some light in the intellectualized self-stigma. Over the past 5 or so years I have had a tiny intrest in, what I might call, the “dark ecologies” wing of philosophical speculation. It is a kind of morbid self-abuse I put myself […]

  • Prime Example of the Thinking Inside the Box.

    How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson — Read on benjaminstudebaker.com/2019/04/21/how-zizek-should-have-responded-to-jordan-peterson/ Here (Studebaker. Going forward “S”)is the perfect example of why Zizek tells us in the debate (Peterson/Zizek) why he can’t see a ways out of our dilemma. It’s great that S has such a high esteem […]

  • Algorithms and institutional isomorphism: A Call for a more Philosophically Comprehensive Theory Of Counseling.

    Algorithms and institutional isomorphism Algorithms and institutional isomorphism — Read on markcarrigan.net/2019/03/10/algorithms-and-institutional-isomorphism/ This is quite interesting. It resonates with ideas I have been throwing about. For example, the way that I use the term religion in my work seems consistent with the way that internet platforms are homogenizing corporate identities, as this summary (the link) might […]

  • And I am drawn between.

    I am an artist at heart, but with intellectual reflection. I am a philosopher in an artistic sense, rather than a ‘pure reason’ saint. My experience is not exclusionary. Hence my dilemma. In not only thought, but indeed act. Where it becomes the most difficult is in our Post-modern Marxist world of production. There is […]

  • Philosophy, Guitar Pedals and the Postmodern Condition: An Essay Addressing how the Ideal of Local Control over Global Knowledge is the Problem Embedded into Modern Philosophy

    I play guitar. In case anyone does not know, there are these small devices, mostly for electric guitars, that go between the guitar and the amplifier that alter the sound of the plain guitar signal.  These devices are called guitar pedals. Guitar pedals are electronic devices that alter the incoming signal of a guitar or […]