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  • Christian Apologetics and Predication

    pushingtheantithesis.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-final-reference-point-of-all.html I enjoyed this essay of Christian apologetics. It makes a good point as to predication. In short, what he means by predication is that which enjoins reason to reality.  He is making the argument that one either predicates this end situation upon man himself or God. Aside from the strictly Christian terms, I […]

  • An Essay Concerning the Substance of Counseling

    xhttps://epublications.regis.edu/cftsr/vol3/iss2/3/ Abstract Our modern world appears to lack a way to find truth. Philosophically, this problem is formulated in a manner of knowing which never gets beyond the subject of the universe; even objectivity in the universe is arguable. The effort called empirical science then gives us conclusions that regularly perpetuate an unstable world. Due […]

  • Repost: Armageddon and The Altar of Techne and

    In this episode of Literary Tales, we continue our examination of science fiction filmography and pivot into the 1990s with the paradigm shift of … Armageddon and The Altar of Techne —– Pretty cool analysis. I’m gonna make my comment to Paul right here instead of in the comments of the actual post. There are […]

  • Toward a Unified Philosophy of Counseling: Object Orientation

    In case you missed it. https://epublications.regis.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1027&context=cftsr Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review Volume 3 Issue 1 Article 4 An Essay Concerning the Possibility of a Unifified Theory of Counseling Lance Kair Regis University, Department of Counseling, Division of Counseling and Family Therapy, Rueckert- Hartman College of Health Professions, lkair@regis.edu Follow this and additional works at: […]

  • CRAZYWISE – Extended Trailer

    Crazy…or wise? The traditional wisdom of indigenous people often contradicts Western views about a mental health crisis. The documentary CRAZYWISE explores… — Read on vimeo.com/98771535 Change your orientation upon things.  Open your view. Capitalism Racism Insanity

  • On Derrida: Voice and Phenomenon

    On Derrida: Voice and Phenomenon On Derrida: Voice and Phenomenon — Read on iambobbyy.com/2019/03/10/on-derrida-voice-and-phenomenon/ Interesting conventional small exegesis of Derrida. I think it shows where Derrida fits into time in contrast to what a subject might be doing at any time. The subject of Derrida is exhibiting a particular moment of time; he is not describing […]

  • Begin the Hack.

    Crack the alienated philosophical subjectivity. CLICK HERE to BEGIN THE HACK ! “…of course we can talk about snow, for example, talk about what it is, describe how it feels what it looks like, bring forth chemical structures or physical structures of snow all the various aspects of snow — but if you’ve never been […]

  • The Field Of Consciousness.

    “To say that “consciousness knows us” is to point to a actual ‘thing’ that is outside of knowledge. It appears to me that you are saying that knowledge knows about “things“ out there in the universe that exist separate from us (the knower/thinker) and knowledge is some sort of conduit through which this thing that […]

  • Another stab at: What is Philosophy? A non-philosophical concise definition.

    Finally a Concise Definition of Philosophy. Cedric Nathaniel Regis University {KEYWORDS: concise, definition, non-philosophy, orientation, philosophy, reality, route} Finally a Concise Definition of Philosophy. Continental philosophy has become a caricature of itself.  Its intensions found lacking, every definition philosophers have given over the decades have left many of us in a virtual state of trauma. […]

  • Power and other Unfashionable Philosophical Questions.

    Due to the question of philosophy’s Being moved to the margin for the sake of human necessity, some questions arise, likewise, necessarily. In the determination of Being, what is Being left out? Is the knowledge of things determinable? Is there an obligation in the knowledge of Being? Does history convey a requirement in the designation […]