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  • Reality, Naivety and Addiction; Part 2: Google and the failure of communication.

    (Note: These posts refer to Slovoj Zizek’s talk he did in Spain a few months ago; this one:   *** This ‘post-traumatic world’ that might exist in a utopian dream, if it were not for the naïve subject who is able to have a view where by hope can reside, does not occur within the […]

  • Donald Trump’s Healthcare Plan is as Incoherent as You Might Imagine

    Update: Sarah Kliff at Vox points out that Trump’s plan does not include a ban on not covering pre-exisitng conditions, a very important tenant of reform. Read her take as well.     Donald Trump has released a seven-point healthcare plan that relies on contradictory assumptions and misrepresentations of the current state of […] https://contemplativemoorings.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/donald-trumps-healthcare-plan-is-as-incoherent-as-you-might-imagine/