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  • The Covert Sound Philosophy

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/give-me-the-night Coming to mind near you. #keepitrealcsp.

  • Rp and comment on Ontological Mathematics & Theory of Everything 3b: The Meaning of Tautology

    What language carries meaning, and how is it defined? Are tautologies meaningless, or meaningful? How does a tautologous system compare to an … Ontological Mathematics & Theory of Everything 3b: The Meaning of Tautology /— What a nice education! My work is primarily about the epistemological condition of the two routes, and how that applies […]

  • The Old and the New: Either{either/or} or And

    Let me add a few more insights from my last post. I know I said I won’t talk about gender pronouns anymore, but it is actually very interesting. The … Random Thoughts #4: Psychoanalytic Thoughts on Gender Identity and Sexual Difference —- The theoretical society loves the status quo. Usually the way this status quo […]

  • An Essay Concerning the Substance of Counseling

    xhttps://epublications.regis.edu/cftsr/vol3/iss2/3/ Abstract Our modern world appears to lack a way to find truth. Philosophically, this problem is formulated in a manner of knowing which never gets beyond the subject of the universe; even objectivity in the universe is arguable. The effort called empirical science then gives us conclusions that regularly perpetuate an unstable world. Due […]

  • Speculative Reflection

    Always in a process of situating discourses to their occasions, I am Often recognizing discrepancies between what I think and what I come across. Right there alone is enough to notice that there are two ways of understanding things. These two ways can be said to concern reflection. Colloquially speaking, we are always talking about […]

  • Socialism, Dictatorship, Democracy, Communism

    apple.news/A03-AppaITYCx3anb2KF5JA Maybe the political scientists can help us out in this area. But in reading this story today, some thoughts came up. In speaking with friends and coworkers and acquaintances, the word “socialism” seems to me just like a buzz word that has no real substance when it comes to what I see as actually […]

  • A Bridge which Defines: On Richard Rorty’s very pragmatic interpretation of Gadamer Hermeneutics in his Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979)

    It is easier to describe what something should be not, then to formulate what something should be, as it is easier to deconstruct then to construct. … On Richard Rorty’s very pragmatic interpretation of Gadamer Hermeneutics in his Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979) ————- If we can take this short synopsis of these […]

  • More Evidence which Rejects that there is an Actual Universal Individual Responsibility for Action

    https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5ecf512dc5b6791a3c29eef4?ncid=newsltushpmgnews Whiteness relies upon the concept of an essential individual which makes free ethical choices. Systemic racism posits that (1) those in power always find individual justification after the fact, and always thus claim individual responsibility with reference to systemic justification (redundancy); (2) true responsibility arises in the interruption of such ontological redundancy. Presently, no […]

  • Fear itself is is based in transcendence

    Feelings are about the body. They are immanent. Emotions are about reactivity. They direct or tend. Thoughts are about transcendence. While fear can be understood as an emotion, it is also able to be understood as something which affects an otherwise functional (efficient) system. Fear is that which creates dysfunction through making its agency appear […]

  • Viewing Corona: Phenomenology and Orientation.

    HERE is a link to some current statistics that compare the flu and corona. The thing I think that video in my previous post marks out is that what makes coronavirus so incredible is that we are looking at it “in just that way”, which is to say, that we are seeing something through a […]