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  • The Problem of the Subject of Philosophy

    epublications.regis.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi This essay is an exploration into the limits of materialist philosophy.

  • An Essay Concerning the Substance of Counseling

    xhttps://epublications.regis.edu/cftsr/vol3/iss2/3/ Abstract Our modern world appears to lack a way to find truth. Philosophically, this problem is formulated in a manner of knowing which never gets beyond the subject of the universe; even objectivity in the universe is arguable. The effort called empirical science then gives us conclusions that regularly perpetuate an unstable world. Due […]

  • Repost: Armageddon and The Altar of Techne and

    In this episode of Literary Tales, we continue our examination of science fiction filmography and pivot into the 1990s with the paradigm shift of … Armageddon and The Altar of Techne —– Pretty cool analysis. I’m gonna make my comment to Paul right here instead of in the comments of the actual post. There are […]

  • A Holiday gift: Objects and Subjects

    “The true substance of things lay in the depths, while the dramatic power of material churns and crashes like waves on the surface.” A paraphrase of Graham Harman, I commandeer his polemic to notice a felicity to the actuality of the situation. We are taught, both religiously and philosophically, that The truth of things lies […]

  • To the things themselves

    I am finally diving into Levi Bryant’s “Democracy of Objects”, and I gotta say, I do not know why I hadn’t looked At this sooner. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/the-democracy-of-objects/ – This is not a big post; I was only reminded of my position: It is due to the current correlational episteme — not in spite of — that […]

  • Orientation and Meaninglessness

    An event is a mark of where meaning takes the place. ‘The place’ can be anything, from a positive known-unknown, such as ignorance, to a negative unknown-unknown, such as a thing in-itself. These instances correspond to Badiou’s event as well as Zizek’s, respectively. An event is a lacuna begun on one side of the sentence […]

  • The Etiology of the Subject: What Matters.

    The object of the subject can be said to be the working from the former Etiology to the latter. Thus then can show how mythology functions effectivly through ideology. Less an eternal truth, any universal object is subject to the intrinsic mythlogy of the time, consciousness, or “thought activity” most often reckoning the subsuming of […]

  • Excerpt From “The Object of the Subject: The Philosophical Hack, the Second Part”

    The Modern mode is defined by transcendence. Despite the various eras of the scholarly historian, modernity is an annoyingly persistent overlying of transcendence upon existence by reason; always there is a positing of what cannot be proven onto what is apparent and what is religious in this regard is the assumption of what should be […]

  • Reason and Emotion.part 4

    OK. The concept behind my idea of the relationship between reason and emotion is that emotion is the significant factor in what reason is able to accomplish. We can go back to the hypothetical charting of our emotions (and Reason?) the past few days that all of us have been doing because we are so […]

  • Emotion and Reason. Part 3

    So back to my original intention behind this post that I have now divided up into three parts. I am challenging the notion that reason is the crowning authority of human existence and consciousness. And, as a commenter on Part 2 pointed out: I do agree with the observation that what we often think is […]