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  • Paper: Counseling and The Two Routes

    An exploration into the reality of psychology from the perspective of mental health.

  • :: Graham Harman’s Response to a (Mild) Critic :: and comment

    I was asked to write a response to Sheldon Richmond’s (rather mild) critique of Architecture and Objects. That response has been published HERE. Response to a (Mild) Critic —— My comment: First, I don’t really need to defend Graham Harman’s OOO against the growing idea-writers that place him as a New Materialist. On one hand,…

  • Parmenides is not required

    youtu.be/u-ljiHqoMM0 Althea. Xx

  • Is Graham Harman as New Materialist??

    from Antiquities Beyond Humanism ed E Bianchi, S. Brill, B. Holmes — Read on www.academia.edu/39168908/Hyperobjects_OOO_and_the_eruptive_classics_field_notes_of_an_accidental_tourist —–  I’m posting this essay because it might be informative to some in general. I have not read it. I read pretty much the first three sentences, and then I stopped… Is Graham Harman part of the New Materialist…

  • Science is not in opposition to ignorance

    Only by a certain orientation upon knowledge does oppositional categories have significant affect. I was reading a paper, part of the paper anyways, where the author talks about John Locke saying his work not involved with science. Just got me thinking. Georg Hegel, and many more philosophers for sure we’re trying to find some sort…

  • The Object of the Subject

    “The Philosophical Hack uses Slavoj Zizek’s book ‘Event’ as a platform from which to hack into philosophy. A hack is someone who is adept in technology and standard methods but is not employed to make marketed products. Yet in another sense, a hack is a repeated application of a specific yet broad algorithmic protocol upon…

  • Rp Architecture and Objects has been printed

    The books are sitting in a Chicago warehouse and orders are being fulfilled. If you order one now, I’m not sure if it will come sooner than the … Architecture and Objects has been printed

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/give-me-the-night Coming to mind near you. #keepitrealcsp.

  • OOO blog revival?

    Back in the heyday of the blogosphere, I posted here frequently and at length. As most discussion migrated onto Facebook, this blog became more of a … blog revival? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LTYLz49ALhE I don’t know why that’s not embedding. Oh,oh,oh….Led Zeppelin

  • Rp and comment on Ontological Mathematics & Theory of Everything 3b: The Meaning of Tautology

    What language carries meaning, and how is it defined? Are tautologies meaningless, or meaningful? How does a tautologous system compare to an … Ontological Mathematics & Theory of Everything 3b: The Meaning of Tautology /— What a nice education! My work is primarily about the epistemological condition of the two routes, and how that applies…