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  • Weird…The argument {for-against} Graham Harman that has any weight he could admit (if he would ever know of it).

    Weirdness. (more notes for The Second Moment coming own 2017: I think about some towns that have a certain motto like where I lived for a bit, Hollywood California, and then for some time, Santa Cruz California, but also another town that likes that motto that I spent some time in many years ago, Boulder […]

  • Concerning Commitment. Violence and Nonviolence.

    Yes; one could say ‘divinity’. I think the problem, as some people have talked about elsewhere, is what that term incorporates; hence the ‘need’ for commitment, what I could term, conventional commitment, or maybe a commitment to the institutionalized-ideologized State, the incorporated arena thereof that has been designated (conventionally) ‘x-ism’, or even for another arena, […]

  • The Impossible. Part 1; If/Then.

    The impossible can be discovered along many significant vectors of reality as limit. The particular discussion that contains or otherwise accounts for the various vectorial meanings is ironic; it is the event that begins the count, that can be said to to be a basis upon which a linking of meaningful terms is made that […]