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  • The Consolidation of Ideology and Mental Health

    There is a long line of thinking and writing that frames ideological negation as emancipatory, or as an advancement of cognitive ability towards a … deep adaptation as post-nihilist praxis? ———- indeed! It is our next meal because what happens when we eat, what happens when we satiate our hunger? We digest it, we incorporate […]

  • Friedrich Jacobi and a Philosophy of Philosophy, and thus Counseling.

    Friedrich Jacobi’s Wiki page. Stanford’s page for Jacobi. I find it interesting that the philosophers of the past who already dealt with some of our current philosophical problems are not commonly discussed. In fact, I have found that either their works have not been translated into English or are somewhat expensive.  Joseph Hamann  is another philosopher […]

  • Materialism And Nihilism. (or: What is Philosophy?)

    We have to be careful when mining resources from traditional discourse. I have proposed here and there that we need to clean up philosophical discussion, and so I’m going to give an example, a brief and not exhaustive nor rigorously thorough, rendition of what I mean when I say we have to clean up philosophy. […]

  • Because I Choose To.

    The present state of philosophical effort can be summed up if we are honest: It is less philosophiical and more a Critical Methodology. The reason for this is found by the insistance of the priviledged subject, the thinker who no matter what discursive arrangments, no matter how passionatly one might assert and wish it, will […]