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  • The New Philosophy

    The Moment of Decisive Significance took more than 4 years to write and publish, and it still needs edits. The Philosophical Hack the first and second parts took a little less time, partly because of how Nathaniel approached it.  Actually, The Philosophical Hack is not yet complete, so all and all, for all 6 parts, will probably take […]

  • An Opening to Understanding A Social Theory: Human Babies are now Alien creatures, Florida Representative says. Yes

    “Host bodies” https://feministphilosophers.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/host-bodies/ — Read on feministphilosophers.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/host-bodies FROM IGNORANT REACTION to MORAL RESPONSE. People are so smart that they are stupid. It’s like picking up dry sand with your hand. The distortion of post-modern ideas usurped into the Post-modern religion yields human brains that think they are being sensible. That is; One can not contain […]

  • The logic of Two Routes in Application. A Discourse in Freedom.

    . The very interesting thing about this 5G (if not all of modern technology) Is that it means nothing less than volunteered enslavement. It is no mere coincidence that lately the nature of free-will is being commandeered by neurobiology: It is not that we are not or cannot be free, rather, it is that if […]

  • The Badlands (single 2017)

    The Covert Sound Philosophy. It is Covert: It is not readily available to view. But, once it is viewed, then the Philosophy becomes obviously Sound. It is a Covert Sound Philosophy. It is a covert philosophy It is a sound philosophy It is a philosophy that arrives in sound, that is music, underneath what is […]