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  • :: Graham Harman’s Response to a (Mild) Critic :: and comment

    I was asked to write a response to Sheldon Richmond’s (rather mild) critique of Architecture and Objects. That response has been published HERE. Response to a (Mild) Critic —— My comment: First, I don’t really need to defend Graham Harman’s OOO against the growing idea-writers that place him as a New Materialist. On one hand, […]

  • Thinking Religion Through Things, but not really.

    “In recent years, the “material turn” has gained prominence in the humanities and social sciences, and it has also stimulated a shift toward a rediscovery of materiality in the scientific study of religion\s. The material turn aims to dissolve…” — Read on www.academia.edu/17639583/Thinking_Religion_Through_Things_Reflections_on_the_Material_Turn_in_the_Scientific_Study_of_Religion_s_in_Method_and_Theory_in_the_Study_of_Religion_28_4_5_2016_365_399 —— I am on academia.edu and, as you may know, it sends […]

  • The Veritable Counsel

    We are generally afraid of talking, let alone thinking, about truth. I think this is due to the terrible things that humans beings do under the name of truth. Truth is associated with narrow-mindedness and intellectual myopia, as well as authoritarianism and religion. Well, I seek to disrupt those automatic associations, to help with an […]

  • Is Graham Harman as New Materialist??

    from Antiquities Beyond Humanism ed E Bianchi, S. Brill, B. Holmes — Read on www.academia.edu/39168908/Hyperobjects_OOO_and_the_eruptive_classics_field_notes_of_an_accidental_tourist —–  I’m posting this essay because it might be informative to some in general. I have not read it. I read pretty much the first three sentences, and then I stopped… Is Graham Harman part of the New Materialist […]

  • Unexpection: Body or Embodiment: The Paradox of Modern Cosmology

    The paradox of modern ontological reckoning is always constitutive. The activity of modern academic theory is a reification that such constitution can be overcome or changed, despite its argumentative semantic content (see. Lyotard as well as Haroway and Barad). X —-referring to the previous linked essay by Thomas-Pellicer, Ruth, De Lucia, Vito (2016) This rhetoric […]

  • Rp and Comment on Rising seas, raising awareness, the present changing climate

    Did the world leaders cop out at COP26? Did they make progress? Too little, too late? A step in the right direction? I have very mixed feelings this … Rising seas, raising awareness —– The relationship between Climate Change, people’s feelings and ideas about it often beg me to ask just what is the climate […]

  • Orientation and Route

    New draft of a paper called Orientation and Route. Any feedback is appreciated. https://www.academia.edu/s/dabeb9278d?source=link Philosophy is out of wack. It obliviously promotes as it reifies a particular manner of coming upon the world which is, for a word, pathological. This essay is an initial session of the work toward a diffracted awareness of the problem […]

  • Terapolis and Tentacular Thinking: Donna Haraway

    earthlysurvival.org/ “You are either here doing something, or you’re not here doing who knows what. “ — Cedric Nathaniel.

  • The Irony of Modern deferment

    Overheard of two people while waiting in line to buy groceries. “The actuality of a situation is beyond anyone’s ability to be ethical.” “That’s right. I pay someone through taxes and school fees to deal with the greater problems of the world. Right now I have a career to advance.” —————————- When you think about […]

  • The Reposting Human Consciousness Post

    This article provides some insight on how and why the explanation of human consciousness might be the reason for a paradigm shift of science away … Human Consciousness and the end of Materialism —- He has some really good extrapolated points. I think the shorter version of what he is saying, so far as ‘the […]