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  • Subjectivity in Narrative Psychotherapy.

    https://sjcarroll14.medium.com/subjectivity-in-narrative-psychotherapy-773a4a2fed6 —— Nice.

  • Inconceivably true.

    People simply will not understand. Even then… Imagine a group of musicians, a band, who did everything possible to not be famous and be rich. They changed their name every show so they would not make a name for themselves. They made no records. They were well known in the music community and even wrote…

  • Clean Shave, by CSP – and other postmodern avoidance.

    What is the relationship between art and philosophy? That is the issue I treat. In “The Postmodern Condition”, Jean-Francois Lyotard speaks of this dichotomy in terms of ‘narrative’ and ‘scientific’ discourses. Emmanuel Kant speaks of the difference between Practical and Pure reason. And others also divide essential Being into dichotomous factions and never seem to…