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  • Read: “21st Century Speculative Philosophy: Reflections on the ‘New Metaphysics’ and its Realism and Materialism” | Leon Niemoczynski – Academia.edu — and ponder….

    (99+) (PDF) “21st Century Speculative Philosophy: Reflections on the ‘New Metaphysics’ and its Realism and Materialism” | Leon Niemoczynski – Academia.edu — Read on www.academia.edu/7265783/_21st_Century_Speculative_Philosophy_Reflections_on_the_New_Metaphysics_and_its_Realism_and_Materialism_ ——- Interesting that I thought the term ‘metaphysics’ referred to something more than what we have to say about it. I’m not sure how there can be a ‘contemporary metaphysics’ […]

  • Parlez-vous Parler? And more disturbing comment (for some).

    Amazon is threatening to pull the plug on Parler because of the content of its users. Google Play and Apple Store are pulling the Parler app from … Parlez-vous Parler? — My mind Goes two places: * those fear-actors will run all the more silent. The dark web will have plenty of people who will […]

  • The Gift

    on the non-fixity of world identity. It is not a definitive world by which reality is understood as a singular and fixed truththat is significant. The various opinions, attitudes and mentalities based in subjective meaning upon the stable ground of reality are not the issue.  Rather, it is the relationship that we have with […]

  • Algorithms and institutional isomorphism: A Call for a more Philosophically Comprehensive Theory Of Counseling.

    Algorithms and institutional isomorphism Algorithms and institutional isomorphism — Read on markcarrigan.net/2019/03/10/algorithms-and-institutional-isomorphism/ This is quite interesting. It resonates with ideas I have been throwing about. For example, the way that I use the term religion in my work seems consistent with the way that internet platforms are homogenizing corporate identities, as this summary (the link) might […]

  • Philosophical Construction.

    One can always tell when there is a religion in place in two ways: 1) The person will declare what they are and what they believe through a Name. For examples; Christianity. But also, Realist. On one hand we have Baptist; and on the other hand we have Existentialism. The second way you can tell […]

  • Quantum Computing and its relevance to Philosophy.

    via A few videos on quantum computing and the physics of time I want to come back to later — Mark Carrigan In order to move forward philosophically, we must get out of our philosophical head that everything must reduce to 0 or 1, nothing or common reality. I begin with that statement because this […]

  • An Attempt at Discussing Some ‘Disparities’: Terrorism, Religion, Truth and Belief.

    Taking a cue from Amorinblog, I am making an attempt to speak to the notion of disparities. Lets see how is goes.   What is terrorism? When we think about the activities of terrorism, a marginal view might situate terrorism in terms of truth. What we have with the possibility of terrorism is a function […]