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  • Rp The role of mind in neuroscience

    After failing to find anatomical or functional correlates of a variety of psychiatric conditions, Dr. Sarah Durston (neuroscientist and Professor of … The role of mind in neuroscience —— If you are not as concerned about the philosophical side and want to hear just about the biological side of mental disorder and diagnosis from the […]

  • Love and Neurosis 💙

    On this wonderfully fabricated day of promoting national fecundity, I am pondering all the problems that arise to individuals in relationship. Neurosis. Neurosis is a latinized word for nervousness. Originally, nervousness just meant excessive worry or sadness. Though for pretty much all of history various organs of the body were held to be responsible for […]

  • Awareness is the root of all mental health.

    What is actually wrong? Does it need “fixing”?