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The Problem of the Dialectic: Convention, Reality and Irony.

The dialectic, as I have said earlier, cannot be taken too seriously. For when it is, the break that has perspective finds the levity that brings the truth of the matter over the impending doom. Yet when things have become so serious, it is only because I have been presented with my self and the… Continue reading The Problem of the Dialectic: Convention, Reality and Irony.

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Tangent 5.16

TANGENT 5.16 I figure it prudent and sensible at this time to take a tangent, aside from the direct Laruelle-nonphilosophical discussion. And back up.. What am I doing here in this blog, these posts? What am I addressing? I have said the basic issue is duality. But though this can appear as a beginning, at… Continue reading Tangent 5.16