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  • Someone said: the future of Mental Health ? Oh!

    youtu.be/a546lxxJIhE —- If psychedelics are, I’m pretty sure there will just be new and improved mental issues they cannot treat. The nature of the psychedelic experience cannot be contained. For sure, they can be helpful. But we should, we are ethically required to ask: at what cost is this “spiritual-psychological revival” for mental health? Yet,…

  • Huston Smith.

    It is my contntion also that drugs in general have been a major influence in the production of philosophical material of the past 50 years, if not also the past 200.  Huston Smith (LSD & Religion) Is there a future for religion without it? Confirming a long held suspicion of mine about the impact of…

  • Alan Watts: The Cat is Out of the Bag.

    Still, we want to behave like the Victorians did about sex. Dont be naive.