Again with this Love?

...Here Kate spells out the truth of Densher’s betrayal: he feels guilty, and refuses to profit from Milly’s death, not because he doesn’t love her and is for this reason unworthy of her gift, but because he does love her—not while she was alive, but from the moment she died. -- from "The Parallax View"… Continue reading Again with this Love?


Love and the Truth Procedure (second try)

This post is my attempt to answer the question that Agent Swarm put forth in his recent post, which I reposted just before this post.  Q: "Why is the truth procedure that includes love called “love”?, which should not go without saying. Why should “love” (the truth procedure) include psychoanalysis but not religion? Q: "Why… Continue reading Love and the Truth Procedure (second try)

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Thoughts of God, the Dialectic of Faith and the Conventional Bias.

As we move into the process of constructively undoing the presumptions of method that present to us the problem-filled world of reality we all know, for which we recourse to hope, it may be well that you need not venture into that heart of darkness all alone. Otherwise, at minimum, you should see that it… Continue reading Thoughts of God, the Dialectic of Faith and the Conventional Bias.

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Tangent 5.16

TANGENT 5.16 I figure it prudent and sensible at this time to take a tangent, aside from the direct Laruelle-nonphilosophical discussion. And back up.. What am I doing here in this blog, these posts? What am I addressing? I have said the basic issue is duality. But though this can appear as a beginning, at… Continue reading Tangent 5.16

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Tangent 3.9: Love

The song, "This is not a Love Song", by the 80's band PiL, for some unknown reason - not that i liked the song when it was around - came through my mind today. And this seemed relevant... Love. To me, love is more than attraction, or even intense attraction, or infatuation, or big like,… Continue reading Tangent 3.9: Love