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  • This is Just What I’m Doing Today

    For Ukraine. It is really. The very least I can do.

  • Love and Neurosis 💙

    On this wonderfully fabricated day of promoting national fecundity, I am pondering all the problems that arise to individuals in relationship. Neurosis. Neurosis is a latinized word for nervousness. Originally, nervousness just meant excessive worry or sadness. Though for pretty much all of history various organs of the body were held to be responsible for…

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy: having already come to an idea of you.

    soundcloud.com/usertransspace/holy-cow New album coming…2022 Stay in tuned. — Only through darkness we come unto light. 👽 There is only the Two. Open and Closed. The covert sound philosophy includes all possibility of knowledge. That which closed in knowledge (real modern-postmodernity ) is reckoned only through what is open (truth).

  • Mental health and Real Danger: Love, and yet Trump Promotes Political Violence

    Trump Promotes Political Violence In Defense Of Supporters Who Swarmed Biden Bus | HuffPost — Read on m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5f9f725ac5b6bef9f18eea22 —— We know of mental health that people who are very sick often respond to suggestions which question their reality with violence. We also know that narcissists and people with certain personality disorders likewise resort to physical…

  • Happy Afterlife, M.J.P.

    Marley Joy Prusmack. 2002-2019 1 year+a week. We love you.

  • Freedom is the element of love

    Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher and so-called “father” of existentialism was born today, May 5 in 1813. To celebrate, I share this essay … Freedom is the element of love ————- After speaking with a coworker about how to deal with a patient, he replies “Is love a thing?” Happy Birthday S.K. !

  • The Simplicity of Substance and the Lengthy Post

    I have been re-approaching philosophical ideas that have long held a deep significance for me. Because my life has been basically informed by an incessant and consistent questioning of what I am coming up on, I am finding that I am merely continuing to be what I am, which is, for a term, in motion.…

  • Read: The Philosophical Hack

    Oh Kaay! I finally took a minute and got some things in order. THE OBJECT OF THE SUBJECT : The Second Part of the Philosophical Hack  is available in EPUB HERE.                   and in paperback HERE. THE PHILOSOPHICAL HACK: The First Part is available HERE in paper back. “The Philosophical…

  • I just like this quote.

    and maybe, look for my post from about 5 years ago about nonphilosophy and love. i dont remember what it was called. 🙂

  • Again with this Love?

    Again with this Love?

    …Here Kate spells out the truth of Densher’s betrayal: he feels guilty, and refuses to profit from Milly’s death, not because he doesn’t love her and is for this reason unworthy of her gift, but because he does love her—not while she was alive, but from the moment she died. — from “The Parallax View”…