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Do you use intoxicants? 

Survey. Come on folks. 1/3 so far have said they use  intoxicants regularly. Really?  Btw: alcohol and marijuana are intoxicants.   Nicotine?  Anyone a smoker?   help me out a little.  Just in 'likes'. If you use any sort of intoxicant as a regular part of your life for any reason, click 'like', and if you… Continue reading Do you use intoxicants? 

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The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

Whew! Those Impossible essays really get thick. So perhaps a rejoining to a more approachable speaking. But hold on! The ride is just getting fun. I have been interacting through comments and replies with Dave, who writes the blog called "Big Story Guide". Our conversation is quite wonderful, so, just as I used our conversation… Continue reading The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

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Tangent 5.16

TANGENT 5.16 I figure it prudent and sensible at this time to take a tangent, aside from the direct Laruelle-nonphilosophical discussion. And back up.. What am I doing here in this blog, these posts? What am I addressing? I have said the basic issue is duality. But though this can appear as a beginning, at… Continue reading Tangent 5.16