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  • Femininity is the Life Drive…

    …as opposed to the Masculine-ideological “death drive”, we all know so well. (- art created by unknown and used without permission -)

  • The Dim light of the Tech baised mind

    xlink.medium.com/YWmx8Y2eKcb I know. We must always broaden our view and accept that things exist, or at least acknowledge them enough to consider that they do exist that way. I read the post above; I decided to check out the Bloggos on Medium just to get some new words around. Correct me if I am wrong […]

  • Embarrassment

    Often, when I look back at my life, I encounter memories of embarrassment. My life seems to have been saturated with being embarrassed. 😜 Whether it be things I did or just the way I thought about something. Is it just me? Or Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? Because; I think it’s weird. Lol.

  • Joy as Resistance

    Refuse repression. Embrace life as life.

  • Of Life and Death: The dynamic of pain. Ouch!! And. Gross!!

    This morning my mind was crossed by this situation in my foot where gangrene has taken hold. I didn’t know it was gangrene for a long time. It was just as black spot in the center of the top of my foot about 2 cm in diameter. Still, I’m not really sure if it actually […]

  • Five Things in the news

    Pondering the news flashes my iPhone gives me in the morning,.. … and, I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing surprising about the Trump report tax thing. Then my mind goes to news itself. Don’t you think it is kind of odd that we have, what, 7 billion people in the world or something […]

  • Life and the Choice

    “I am never able to choose to live. Any choice to live is life itself, is living itself. There is no choice there. My choice will at all times be living. But, I am able to believe I have a choice of whether to live or die. And this is the distillate of the modern […]

  • I just like this quote.

    and maybe, look for my post from about 5 years ago about nonphilosophy and love. i dont remember what it was called. 🙂

  • Do you use intoxicants? 

    Survey. Come on folks. 1/3 so far have said they use  intoxicants regularly. Really?  Btw: alcohol and marijuana are intoxicants.   Nicotine?  Anyone a smoker?   help me out a little.  Just in ‘likes’. If you use any sort of intoxicant as a regular part of your life for any reason, click ‘like’, and if you […]

  • The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

    Whew! Those Impossible essays really get thick. So perhaps a rejoining to a more approachable speaking. But hold on! The ride is just getting fun. I have been interacting through comments and replies with Dave, who writes the blog called “Big Story Guide”. Our conversation is quite wonderful, so, just as I used our conversation […]