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  • The democracy-of-objects.pdf | by Levi Bryant. Posted by Pshti Wan – Academia.edu

    (76) (PDF) democracy-of-objects.pdf | Pshti Wan – Academia.edu — Read on www.academia.edu/36292748/democracy_of_objects_pdf —– I love that authors often publish their book texts for free. I have this book. Bryant posits a Speculative Materialism. Graham Harman, on the other hand, rejects any kind of materialism for his hard line OOO. Bryant comes from the same kind…

  • To the things themselves

    I am finally diving into Levi Bryant’s “Democracy of Objects”, and I gotta say, I do not know why I hadn’t looked At this sooner. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/the-democracy-of-objects/ – This is not a big post; I was only reminded of my position: It is due to the current correlational episteme — not in spite of — that…

  • Flat Ontology, Questions, and Assemblages

    Flat Ontology, Questions, and Assemblages https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/flat-ontology-questions-and-assemblages/ — Read on larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/flat-ontology-questions-and-assemblages/ Years ago when I first Encountered object oriented ontology of Graham Harman, And then was moved into Levi Bryant and his object ontology, I didn’t really understand Bryant’s take. In the past year or so though I have been finding that Briidge probably Has contributed…

  • Domestic Objects/Wild Things: Aletheia, Ruination, and Drift

    Domestic Objects/Wild Things: Aletheia, Ruination, and Drift https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2019/10/21/domestic-objects-wild-things-aletheia-ruination-and-drift/ — Read on larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2019/10/21/domestic-objects-wild-things-aletheia-ruination-and-drift/

  • For Example: For an Aberrant Theory

    For Example: For an Aberrant Theory https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/for-example-for-an-aberrant-theory/ — Read on larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/for-example-for-an-aberrant-theory/