Tommy Curry sheds light into a significant blind spot

How often does our morality paint a broad swathe over people as general categories ? And how often does this stroke fix into institutional norms which then reify and enforce social bias?

Tommy Curry ventures into where the many fear to tread.

It is interesting what we choose to forget.

These Wiki articles show the making of a good point of law that, I think, we tend to forget about.

While the topic which begins and really forms the impetus and basic force of the argument is, at first, somewhat offensive to our early 21st century morality, the point is actually quite significant when you give it a chance to reach into your more intelligent sense of humanity.

Check them out.

Listen and learn: the language of science and scepticism

Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland As scientists, one of our responsibilities should be to promote clarity. A lot of problems are caused by an incorrect or incomplete understanding of terms we regularly, and even lovingly, use. When I use the word “evidence”, what I think I mean is a function of many things, not […]