Clean Shave, by CSP – and other postmodern avoidance.

What is the relationship between art and philosophy? That is the issue I treat. In "The Postmodern Condition", Jean-Francois Lyotard speaks of this dichotomy in terms of 'narrative' and 'scientific' discourses. Emmanuel Kant speaks of the difference between Practical and Pure reason. And others also divide essential Being into dichotomous factions and never seem to… Continue reading Clean Shave, by CSP – and other postmodern avoidance.


Materialism And Nihilism. (or: What is Philosophy?)

We have to be careful when mining resources from traditional discourse. I have proposed here and there that we need to clean up philosophical discussion, and so I'm going to give an example, a brief and not exhaustive nor rigorously thorough, rendition of what I mean when I say we have to clean up philosophy.… Continue reading Materialism And Nihilism. (or: What is Philosophy?)

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Philosophy, Colonialism and Partition.

Perhaps the title should have included "non-philosophy". lol This talk concerns the opening whereby philosophy is indicated to its method through the ending that supersedes its domain. Specifically, and in the context of Francois Laruelle's "Christo-fiction", that which supersedes any conventional appropriation is the quantum. In particular, there is no philosophical posture that is able to bring… Continue reading Philosophy, Colonialism and Partition.

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Two Routes, for another term…

I am finding, as I am reading "Christo Fiction", that  so far Laruelle touches upon all the same ideas that I do, yet using different terms than I do. And actually I think the terms I used are much more simple into the point; I do not need a large dictionary in order to discern… Continue reading Two Routes, for another term…

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…and sowing the seeds: Reply to Blake with draft excerpts from “The Second Moment”.

Reply to Terrence Blake's recent post over at Agent Swarm: As usual Terrence you pegged it. It's strange how I view it and actually I can totally agree with you and yet somehow there's something that I'm not agreeing with and really that has to do with my work, The strange situation that I find… Continue reading …and sowing the seeds: Reply to Blake with draft excerpts from “The Second Moment”.

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The Significant Event: The Romance, Irony and the Veto.

Significance. What we can call the Romance is based upon and or around what I call the significant experience, which falls well in line with Alain Badiou's 'Event', what could then be called the significant event. The irony that surrounds this feature of being human concerns a confusion of the individual, between what arises of… Continue reading The Significant Event: The Romance, Irony and the Veto.

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Concerning Commitment. Violence and Nonviolence.

Yes; one could say 'divinity'. I think the problem, as some people have talked about elsewhere, is what that term incorporates; hence the 'need' for commitment, what I could term, conventional commitment, or maybe a commitment to the institutionalized-ideologized State, the incorporated arena thereof that has been designated (conventionally) 'x-ism', or even for another arena,… Continue reading Concerning Commitment. Violence and Nonviolence.