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  • Ah, the Arrogance of Whiteness: Lacan

    www.vice.com/en_us/article/4w75en/jacques-lacan-was-sort-of-a-dick-323 Love this! I like Chomsky’s “charlatan” name calling. It makes perfect sense to me, viewing Chomsky and his apparent approach scholarship. Interesting also that in my previous posts I have been pondering why certain ideas of Lacan should have anything to do with actual reality. To me Lacan’s ideas have a great sense about […]

  • The Local Psyche Global. (Lacan part 2)

    Ok. The question on the table is two parts: If The modern world is really the unrecognized embodiment of the reflection of one’s self, which is the the factual state of individual alienation, then what does it even mean that the alienated self-reflection is looking at cars, trees, space, planets, stars, deers, etc….?  What does […]

  • Use the corona-lockdown to see yourself in the world

    HERE reposted : actually wanted to post this in 7 weeks, but because I see the population getting nervous and impatient amongst lockdowns and because it is my … Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks ——————The re-post here starts out good; I like the introduction. The “solution”in the meditation practice, […]

  • Secularism vs. Pluralism; a comment

    I had the opportunity to participate in a live podcast episode with InkleDeux for the third time. Our topic was“Secularism vs. Pluralism.”We had a … Live Podcast Episode: #3 Secularism vs. Pluralism I didn’t listen to this whole podcast. But I listen long enough to have something to comment upon. I couldn’t really listen much […]

  • Harman’s review of Badiou’s seminar on Lacan

    my review of Badiou’s seminar on Lacan https://doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/my-review-of-badious-seminar-on-lacan/ — Read on doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/my-review-of-badious-seminar-on-lacan/ Of course Harman does a great job at giving us a view into this book. Nevertheless, I have so many comments that span the presentation itself: into What we can see of Lacan through Badiou; What we can see of Lacan and Badiou […]

  • The Unconscious Mind, Part 2

    Here is the link to the part one post concerning the unconscious mind. It seems obvious. An Unconsciousness seems to be a good name for what is occurring in oneself, as a feature of the mind: There is this, in a way, Whole Consciousness which is made up of parts which are functioning at all […]

  • Philosophy and Racism.

    The other day, I commented on a post over at Larval Subjects. Someone replied to my last comment: Racism is socially constructed. Just like gender. They are just signifiers without a signified. Now how do you think you can explain and convince someone who doesn’t even know this kind of thinking exists? This is a […]

  • Zizek and the Event of the Past: Part 2.

    AMOREINOBLOG commented in part one and asked me a question, the answer to which, I think helps clarify what Im saying in the original post. So I am posting it here. Please comment.   AMORINOBLOG: “I find this post really interesting. But I need clarification, because I’d like to defend Zizek vis-a-vis the quotes you […]

  • Lacan and Zizek Obscurity; Part 2.

    Part 1 of this long post is HERE. The obscurity of Lacan is of a different sort, I think, than that of covering for one’s lack. First thing to note is he was a psychiatrist. I feel one should always consider the discipline that the author identifies through as a sort of light upon the […]

  • Zizek and Lacan (with a moment about Deleuze) Obscurity. Part 1.

    Amorinblog and I have been having a loose conversation here and there. My reply to the most recent comment I have made into a post because it seems that I am unable to keep my answers very short. Lol. Here it is: Amoreinblog: “This has a lot in common with your post on obscurantism. This […]