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  • The (w)Hole of Modernity

    https://www.academia.edu/36264960/Introduction_Exploring_Re_Embodiments?email_work_card=view-paper A tension arises between the human being and the world that is. Always, the formulation as an intensional act, is of overmining and undermining. Thinking too much of things toward a great overarching explanation, or thinking too little, into the minutiae of pieces and more pieces, as those might explain. In particular to the […]

  • Commenting on Medieval storytellers

    x The 12th century was arguably the most ‘storytelling’ century of the medieval period. If the Dark Ages – which were not dark at all – were centuries … Medieval storytellers —– I marvel at history and it’s commentaries. I love this guys blog; he’s always got really interesting stuff about the middle ages and […]

  • The Dealing of Philosophy

    by John Clark Philosophy is in decline. You hear it all the time. The evidence is regularly trotted out: fewer graduates; no jobs; no prospects; a … The Healing of Philosophy ——- Physician, heal thyself! I love this post. Not only is it a Nice reflection upon the situation, but I also think it indicates […]

  • The Critique of a Mistaken Synthetical A Priori Knowledge

    If Kant gave us a first bifurcation, and Ludwig Wittgenstein gave us the second, then Michel Foucault gives us the third. From Foucault we have the subsequent “post modern” discourses which then evidences what we could call ‘structural’ bifurcation; which is to say, that which becomes bifurcated is the ability to have a view due […]

  • Philosophy of Reference, part 1.

    I have brought this up in another post somewhere. Please put your answers in the comments. I am going to give you the thoughts coming up right now … In philosophy, why is knowledge based in referring to what past authors said or wrote? For example, what is the value, say, for what purpose am […]

  • I have stopped watching and listening to the news.

    I am cautious and intelligent. I am doing my part to be safe and protected for myself and those around me. If you are also, you no longer need the Covid daily updates. Now, the news has become nothing more than a drug dispenser for people trying to get their fix of the fear cure. […]

  • Be Relentless and distinguishing knowledge from foolishness.

    https://www.mediamatters.org/tucker-carlson/tucker-carlson-says-calling-out-white-nationalism-racist-attack-white-people-and The word “intelligent” in the broadest sense is most often applied as a categorical error. To say that human beings are intelligent in the same way that scholars or astrophysicist are “more” intelligent, is not a rating of degree but is actually a categorical error, a sort of ideological consolidating propaganda. To say that […]

  • Knowing and Philosophy: View

    Does meaning mean anything? What is the meaning of meaning? In what way or when can a computer know something? We can start anywhere. We can start in an arbitrary middle and find the modern subject. …and thats fine. Or we can start with something specific that is immovable and not relative. We can start […]

  • Counseling and Philosophy

    Counselors are not the scientists. The scientists are the psychologists, neurologists, social workers and psychiatrists. These latter tend to defer to the numbers into the Givens with Little question. The counselors are the ones that acknowledge science can at best account for only a small portion of the human experience and why anyone may behave […]

  • Aliens and Knowledge

    apple.news/ARUxB7-6bQCmfjLAPKiXMEQ This was in my Apple news this morning. I wonder what your reaction is to it. I have to admit, my first reaction was, people are gonna think she’s nuts. My reaction was not, that’s bullshit; we don’t know if aliens exist. .And that kind of struck me as odd but at the same […]