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  • The truth and the reality of psychedelic mental health treatment

    link.medium.com/YSzEWeYQPvb —- I have added some more, read on !! At first glance, think Brave New World. Often in the context of psychedelics we hear calls to include indigenous and marginalized cultural considerations in the historical and traditional use of psychedelic substances. While I agree with this sentiment, I am not sure it fully grasps […]

  • Object Orientation, Tool Being, and Kierkegaard

    https://anchor.fm/s/50bf1544/podcast/rss https://anchor.fm/lance86/embed/episodes/The-Object-of-Called-the-Subject-Object-Orientation–Tool-Being-and-Kierkegaard-eutue1 The Object of the Subject

  • The Issue of Modern Philosophy and Mental Health: Disease as Ontologically Basic

    xo In modern philosophy, only one argument is Being formulated over and over; it is only the terms that change. The basic and fundamental issue concerns if this is noticed or not. If it is not, then we have a multiplicity of issues which arise out of the individual’s immanent communion with transcendence. If it […]

  • The Ethical Universe and the New Order

    OBSIDIAN. By Nick Sullo Kierkegaard famously asks the question of our times, the question that defines modernity by its post-modern parameters: Is there a teleological suspension of the ethical? The irony in which Kierkegaard couches every clause of his philosophy might be best comprehended in contemplation of a couple of other philosophers that never mentioned […]

  • The problem with a dip in productivity due to working from home

    There is no problem. That is, a dip in productivity is against the idea that “we“ are in a race to get somewhere. I’ve already dipped my Kierkegaardian cards. He asks, “where is everybody going so fast?” First, where are we going? Where are “we” going? Where is humanity trying to get to? What are […]

  • The Simplicity of Substance and the Lengthy Post

    I have been re-approaching philosophical ideas that have long held a deep significance for me. Because my life has been basically informed by an incessant and consistent questioning of what I am coming up on, I am finding that I am merely continuing to be what I am, which is, for a term, in motion. […]

  • Use the corona-lockdown to see yourself in the world

    HERE reposted : actually wanted to post this in 7 weeks, but because I see the population getting nervous and impatient amongst lockdowns and because it is my … Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks ——————The re-post here starts out good; I like the introduction. The “solution”in the meditation practice, […]

  • The Gift

    on the non-fixity of world identity. It is not a definitive world by which reality is understood as a singular and fixed truththat is significant. The various opinions, attitudes and mentalities based in subjective meaning upon the stable ground of reality are not the issue.  Rather, it is the relationship that we have with […]

  • Current Deontology

    When we do not suppose that morality is created by thoughtful humans, as opposed to existing in-itself, then it becomes possible to read Kant’s categorical imperative (or his basis of deontology) as meaning that which can occur in no other way than it does. This reading seems to deny the traditional reading which sees deontology […]

  • Stiegler’s Faux-pas?

    I have been chipping away very slowly at Stiegler’s Negathropocene. And here is a paragraph from the end of Part 2 in the book that I thought encompasses, what we might call, a faux pas in reckoning.  Similar to Lacan’s mistake , i’m calling this author’s mistake a faux pas because it seems to […]